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What do you think? - 'The Same Page'

Post by ishieness » 11 Jun 2007 01:02 pm

So, I wrote this story for the NT, but it's my first ever Neopets story and I'm unsure of how it turned out. I've written hundreds of thousands of fanfictions, and I have a love for writing, so I thought I'd give it a go.

Be nice. :wink:

Seriously, though. I hope you like it.
(BTW: I submitted it to Short Stories...)


He sat there, staring at the piece of paper in front of him. Who knew that a tiny newspaper clipping could lead to such aggrivation? Looking over his shoulder quickly, the Kyrii scritched a few things onto the little grey sheet and stuffed it into his pocket. He scooted his chair backwards and stood up, not bothering to push it back in before he ran out the door.

All his life he had been told he was strange, ever since he was a baby. He was told that 'he wasn't on the same page'. But so what if he was a little... odd. It was who he was. Who he had been for... exactly that- All his life.

His friend Kay met him by the money tree that very day. "Hey, Dann. Did you see the new Lenny Conundrum today?" The peppy little Kacheek asked, bouncing around her friend. "I tried to do it but I couldn't... Did you do it? Anyway, the prize is huge today!"
Dann sighed. "Yes, I saw it. No I didn't do it."
His walking got quicker as he passed Kay rather rudely. She stayed behind, blinking in confusion. She shook out of her trance and ran after Dann. It was usually quite a sight to see these two together as they were complete and utter opposites. Dann was meek and quiet, whereas Kay was the easiest person to get along with. Ever. Who knows how they became friends- Maybe it was their 'living style', both without an owner. Kay didn't mind, in fact, she quite enjoyed taking care of herself. Dann didn't mind either, but sometimes...

"So, Dann-McDanninator..." Kay began, walking slowly behind her friend, her hands behind her back. ..."What do you want to do today?"
Dann pulled the strap of his bag further up his arm. "Firstly, don't call me that."
Kay frowned. "Right. Sorry. What's number two?"
"Well, secondly... I was thinkin' about maybe go to Neopia Central..."
The Kacheek groaned. "We always go to Neopia Central!"
She ran to catch up to her friend. "You just like going there cause' of all the owners there. You're just hoping that one day, someone will fall all over you and take you home, twiddling their thumbs and singing a merry old tune till' the Kau's come home-"
Kay scowled. "Fine. But you and I both know It's true."
Dann hid a sigh. "Neopia Central."
"Okay, but next time I'm choosing."

Dann took a seat on a dark green bench near the money tree. He loved sitting there, as all the crazy newbies would swarm 24/7 at that exact spot. Some would walk by and not pay any attention to him, others gave him a little smile. All of those little smiles gave him a bit of extra hope, because it was true. He did want to be adopted sometimes.
What aggrivated him the most was that people liked Kay more than him. She was so 'peppy' and 'sweet', and he was just 'the red Kyrii.' To him, it was hardly fair.

They sat there for about ten minutes, an eternity for Kay. She brought up a conversation upon watching the Rainbow Pool for the last five minutes.
"Hey Dann..."
He lifted his head, breaking out of the trance. "Hmm?"
"If you could be painted anything, what would you be?"
Dann knew his answer instantly. "That," he answered, pointing to an Island Kougra.
"Island?" Kay replied, furrowing her eyebrow as she stared at the foreign pet.
"Yup. I like the beige."
"I know you do."
Dann smiled. "What about you?"
"I like pink. I want to be pink."
He rolled his eyes. "Of course."
They sat like that for the rest of the first fifteen minutes.

A random person walked by, dropping a 5 dollar bill at their feet.
Dann jumped up, grabbing the note in his paw and running after the woman who had dropped it. He bit his lip as he tapped her on the shoulder.
She spun around, and Dann was instantly filled with a new hope.
"I... Um... I mean, I think you dropped this..."
The woman smiled. "Thanks, but keep it. You look like you need it more than I do."

Back at the bench, Kay smiled as she watched them, swinging her yellow legs and trying to pick up on every word, but all she could see was lips moving and hear the faint mumble of some people around her.

"Gee, thanks..." Dann replied. "You got any pets?"
The woman smiled warmly. "No. You got an owner?"
"No... I live with some other people... In the pound, ya know.."
"And you get to wander around all day like this?"
"No. Well, yes..." He bit his lip. He glanced over his shoulder. "That's... She's.... My social worker. Gloria."
Kay's eyes grew wide- She definitely heard that."
"Your social worker is a Neopet..." The woman hinted, glaring at Kay.
"No I'm not!" Kay cried, running over to them. "I'm Kay, his friend."
Dann scowled. "Could you have not gone along with me for one second?"
"Geez, sor-ry!" Kay remarked, laughing a little. "But social worker is not in my resume."
She smiled at the woman, who was watching them, intrigued. She smiled back.
"You don't even have a resume. The best you have is a notepad with coffee stains!"
Kay glared evilly at him. "Ooh, I'm so scared." He added.
The woman broke them up before Kay could reply. For a tiny Kacheek she knew a lot of words...

"So," Kay began. "What are you doing talking to us schmoes?"
The woman blinked. "That's hardly fair. I never said I thought you were... ahem... 'Shmoes'."
Dann was smiling all along.
"But you don't think so? Come on now... We live in a building made out of Fyora-Only-Knows how old drywall, and we eat cabbage 24/7. We play with recycled toys, we have no clue who our real brothers and sisters are, and most importantly- We have no owner. So.... Shmoes."
"Whoa, whoa, whoa- there. You're meaning to tell me that you have no owner?"
They shook their heads.
"And no real home?"
They shook their heads again.
"Well, I'm all up for adoption so... be at the pound at nine tomorrow and I'll see what we can do."
Dann widened his eyes. "Get out!"
"No, seriously!"
Kay turned to Dann. "Ya know, for once, I think you're on the same page."
He smiled. "I can get used to hearing that."

The next day at the pound...

"So, Miss.... Sherry...." Dann and Kay's REAL social worker, asked the woman. "You are interested in these two... children."
"We're young adults-" Kay butted in but the social worker held up her hand to get the yellow Kacheek to shush. "Sorry."
"That's right." Sherry replied. "I'm new to Neopia, so I've been looking around for a pet or two and I met these two yesterday in the Central-"
"Excuse me?"
"What? Oh, I... I said, 'tent-pole...'"
"Sounded like 'central' to me."
"Nope, tent poles galore."
Dann watched Sherry speak with wonder. Why did she want him... Them. Both?
"You have a home? Food?..."
"I'll be able to take perfect care of Dann and Kay."
"Okay... You're able to pay?"
"Of course."
The social worker 'hmmph'-ed as she checked something off her clipboard.
"Okay..." She leaned down. "Dann, Kay, you can go collect your things now if you wish."
Dann smiled bigger than he had ever thought possible and he and Kay ran down to their room.
"By the way," he said, stuffing a shirt into his bag. "I figured out that conundrum."
Kay lifted her head. "Yeah? What was it?"
"Yup. Why? What did you get?"
"I got confused."
Dann laughed. "Yeah, it confused me at first too."

And as they walked out the door they were in no way confused.
Because they knew that when they walked out those pound doors, it would be for the last time.

- What did you think? Thanks for reading this, by the way... *bites fingernails* :|
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Post by Dachusand » 12 Jun 2007 03:12 pm

It's really good! I would read it if it was in the neopian times. I don't know how short "shortstories" are in the NT so I can't really comment. I will say it seemed a tad too short. However it flowed real nicely :)

good job!

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