Hacked for the first time

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Re: Hacked for the first time

Post by Huggles » 06 Dec 2009 04:57 am

Nothing but friendly people? Have you already forgotten that I post there?

But, I'm glad you were able to get your account back. The extra stuff is nice, the fact that you aren't posting this from the future, while flying around in your jet pack, is incredible.

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Re: Hacked for the first time

Post by EofS » 06 Dec 2009 12:26 pm

Wow, nice job getting it back so quickly. Took me a month - mostly because the person who first responded (claiming my 8-year-old account had never existed...) refused to respond to any of the proof I provided to show that yes, my account did exist.

And very good luck that they compensated you - I lost 9m np! I think if I were you I'd be sending your monitor a Christmas card ;0)

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