Love Epidemic 2012

For discussion of the Subeta pet site, including new colours and other features.
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Re: Love Epidemic 2012

Post by Slugawoo » 22 Mar 2012 07:56 pm

Sure, no problem. It's on its way. And no need to give me anything in return, I'm just glad to help. o/

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Re: Love Epidemic 2012

Post by Marah » 29 Mar 2012 04:46 pm

From one of the masks:

A full mask, huh? It's almost as if you have something to hide. You're not a murdered or a z-word, are you

Apparently this Z-word is going to be a thing now. It feels so wrong to me. We are supposed to be the "inhabitants" of Subeta so to have somebody tell me that this is what "we" are doing just feels forced and untrue.

The restock wars with the gameconvention, board games over video games, was just for fun and I had no problem choosing sides. This issue, making the healthy part of the population into some racists and the zombies into possible insane terrorists feels too serious for a site I play for fun. Also, when I'm a zombie I don't have the urge to zombify anyone and when I cure I won't think any less of our zombies. So if this is going to be the plot again next year, I will, once again, feel mostly detached from the storyline.

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