Possible big site layout revamp coming

For discussion of the Subeta pet site, including new colours and other features.
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Re: Possible big site layout revamp coming

Post by Wingsrising » 06 Apr 2013 10:11 pm

In my admittedly limited experience, the clock is extremely useful for Subeautique restocking, too. (If you wait until the ping goes out, the best stuff will generally be gone even pretty late at night. So it seems like the key is to start refreshing at the top of every minute an hour after the last restock -- which means you need to know when the top of the minute is Subeta time.)

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Re: Possible big site layout revamp coming

Post by Silverevilchao » 19 Apr 2013 01:59 am

After working on my Subeta profile, I would love to beg the site programmers into please, please, PLEASE letting us put quotes around URLs in profile css. For some reason, every time I do so, the site automatically inserts HTML code for an emoticon...into my css...gyah. I was wondering why my banner image wasn't showing up. It is generally really bad form to not put quotes around URLs in code, so pleeeeease fix that, even if it's a ridiculously minor thing.

The clock is something that is important, IMO, because it's generally good to know the server's time for a site that has so many time-based events. I would like to see it in the new layout, even if I know that the site runs on Eastern.

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