Real Life Resolutions/Goals for 2014 (and 2013 updates!)

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Real Life Resolutions/Goals for 2014 (and 2013 updates!)

Post by Madge » 01 Jan 2014 10:17 am

Hi all!

As we post every year, what are your resolutions/goals for 2014? What did you accomplish in 2013?

Mine from 2013:
1. Become bout-ready at Roller Derby, either with PRD or WARD. I'll miss my WARD friends from 2011 but PRD's venue is about 10 minutes from my house.
Six weeks into the year my wrist guard broke and PRD were really not very nice people. Add to that that I was riding my bike to work every day and, well, I was getting execrise anyway and couldn't stand to have myself feel shitty about myself by going to training. So I quit! But I quit with pride.

2. Be awesome at my job. Go out and make sure people are building lots of bridges, or something. Make sure I have a higher work:slacking ratio. Be more proactive when I'm underworked.
"Awesome" is a bit of a stretch but I improved, I definitely improved. I became friendlier and my most recent 6-month rotation, everyone was really sad to see me go and I kept on having people say I needed to apply for a permanent position there! It was really, really great. I felt really really good about myself. But I'm not sure the actual "work" is what I want to do forever so I am almost definitely applying for a permanent position elsewhere.

3. Attend that French meetup group.
Didn't do; I did actually GO to France though which was awesome, and I had a two hour long conversation on the train to Geneva with a guy who spoke almost no English so I will call that a partial win. At the end of the day the main block in my French was the fact I'm now dating an Italian guy and so I'm directing my lingual attention elsewhere.

4. Properly manage the Perth Atheists meetup group. Ensure that monthly lunches continue to be held.
Done and done.

5. Run for secretary of the Freethought Student Alliance and try and do a good job.
Done and mostly done

6. Keep the house clean.
I give myself 85%.

7. Plan meals every week in order to more efficiently use resources.
Nope, but me and Paul have started taking turns cooking - each cooking for a full week. This has improved my morale.

8. Ride bike to and from work every day.
Yes when I was living 6km from my office. When I was living 12km from my office I only managed once or twice a week, but I still call that a win since, seriously, 12km each way is quite a long ride!

9. Finish unpacking (I, uh, never finished unpacking all the stuff for the house we lived in during 2012. This probably means I could have just thrown everything in the bin. :P)
YES WE ACTUALLY DID THIS OH MY GOD IT HAPPENED. It took about six months but the room that was full of boxes actually has couches and stuff in it now!!

10. Fall in love with somebody.
Yep! Been dating my new boyfriend since the end of January last year and everything is butterflies and rainbows.

My goals for 2014:

1. Continue to ride my bike to work every day

2. Be awesome at my job. Be more proactive when I'm underworked.

3. Apply for a permanent position, get a permanent position I like

4. Continue studying Italian on Duolingo (anyone want to follow me? I'm "Madgec"!!); hard mode: don't break my streak all year. easy mode: continue with my beeminder goal (see: ).

5. Continue to manage Perth Atheists and Perth Polyamory meetup groups. Get more donations for PA and pay for a venue and hold a quiz because that would be awesome fun.

6. Continue being a good freethought alliance member, be more proactive, chair meetings so they are shorter

7. Hard mode: have a wedding. Easy mode: set a wedding date and plan wedding

8. Be angry less
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Re: Real Life Resolutions/Goals for 2014 (and 2013 updates!)

Post by Jazzy » 01 Jan 2014 02:02 pm

I like "be angry less". I'm going to adopt that myself.

So my other resolutions:
I qualified as a pharmacist in November (yay!) and have secured myself a permanent job starting soon (I'm currently doing temp work in the hospital I trained in), so I'm resolving to make the most of my rotations, and to apply myself even if I get assigned a ward I find difficult or less interesting (I love gastroenterology and respiratory pharmacy but have always struggled with cardiovascular pharmacy...)

We've rented a new flat and should hopefully be moving in soon, and I want to make the flat pretty (maybe with photos here!), host people, and keep the flat looking nice.

Connected with that, I want to make the most of living in a proper city (eg take art classes, go out for dinner occasionally, etc)

I'd like to give NC a bit of a graphical update (eek!)

and finally: I want to use my drawing tablet more again.

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Re: Real Life Resolutions/Goals for 2014 (and 2013 updates!)

Post by Fjorab_Teke » 09 Jan 2014 06:37 am

FOR 2013...

1: Work on the long-term future of my childhood home which is now officially permanently our home base.
(More progress, yay! But much more needs to be done!)

2: Old continuing resolution - restore my beloved 1985 Toyota Supra.
(Progress! I drove it cross-country to California, where there are more resources. I've found that the worst issue will be harder than first thought, but the rest will be easier if that one thing can be fixed.)

3: Another continuation - be active, lose weight.
(Progress! I've continued the walks and football games. I also picked up "planking" and other minor home workout tidbits a few times a week, enough to feel but not so much that i get sour of it. I've not been over the "ugh, i can't believe this" weight since then, and i've lost a few more lbs.)

4: *sigh* CD collection ripped to .mp3 on the computer...again.
(Hah, nope. I keep starting projects, getting discouraged by stuff, etc. And i STILL need to figure out what happened to the ones that went missing.)

5: Clean, organize, and reduce clutter...again. Haha. :-p
(Well, not really. I tend to freak out when i need to get the place presentable, and then i slack off on little things until i suddenly see it reached the "not presentable" point.)

6: Keep a better journal...again.
(Progress! I kicked myself into it seriously in September and have been pretty good about it since then. I keep seeing the old journals and remind myself how glad i was that i recorded what i did. I'm adding more pictures, too. This week, i'm printing my favorites from 2013 to scrapbook into it.)

7: Kick bad habits...again. I'm getting better, but i still have to work on this.
(Progress! A few certain old ones are steadily fading. I'll backslide and then catch myself before it gets too bad.)

FOR 2014...

Those again.

Specifically for the fitness, be in good enough shape to do a full "Run or Dye" at a power walk. I'd like to reach a level of fitness and weight where i don't feel guilty at all for getting up on a horse, and i want to take some jumping lessons.

I developed some crushes on some friends (even though i'm happily married, it still happens), and one in particular has been a bit of a struggle, especially since my husband and i enjoy their friendship. They'll be moving eventually, and we eventually will, too - just the nature of military life. I'd like to remain friends, but i don't know if we'll ever get to hang out again after the moves. I don't mind having a crush, as it's fun, but i don't want to remain obsessed or attached. It would be really nice for our next move to land us closer to home, perhaps the east US coast...and a little piece of the hope is near them too.

One nice side-effect was that my artistry is fed on emotional frustration, and i've started back up on some of my Idyll Valley characters and created some new ones. I hope to continue those and maybe even finish some of them.

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