What's your claim to fame?

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Post by nanabobo567 » 11 Sep 2007 03:43 am

Yeah, that's the closest I've ever come to famousness. Although I have a legit Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi, does that count?
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Post by Fjorab_Teke » 11 Sep 2007 03:44 am

Ah, now, see...you're posting about close family members. ;-) I've got small ties to "fame" other than what I previously posted, but only locally and/or horse-wise, so nobody outside our area would pay much mind.

My dad was in the US Air Force, and while he was stationed in Germany, Elvis Presley was stationed at the same base. They were bar buddies for a little while.

My mother plays accordion, and one of her earliest accordion memories was watching Miss America on TV as a young girl. One of the ladies on the show was playing an accordion. About two years ago, Mom went to meet up with some accordion players out in Arizona, and she was THRILLED to find out one of the ladies she met was her childhood idol from the pageant.

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Post by Saturn » 11 Sep 2007 04:37 am

Growing up I was always told that I'm distantly related to one of the co-conspirators in the Lincoln assassination.


The closest I've ever been to an actual celebrity was when they were filming this movie at my college (a movie ABOUT my college actually) last year, and Matthew McConaughey walked across the street like ten feet in front of me 8D

(Actually, the whole filming was a really odd experience. Film crews everywhere and you couldn't even walk to class because they'd keep redirecting you so you didn't get in the way of the shot. Very strange...)

I currently live in Uberboringtown, USA, so no famous people ever come here. :( In contrast, my sister lives in a very large well known city and claims to see celebrities on a fairly regular basis... she swears she bumped into George Clooney getting out of an elevator once but I dunno if I believe her. XD

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Post by covet » 11 Sep 2007 06:45 am

Heh. My parents both used to work in theatre and seem to be friends with a ridiculous amount of people including one oscar winner and one nominee. One of my aunts slept with a vast number of rock stars including members of he rolling stones and maybe the most famous folk singer ever. My dad works at Harrods and runs a couple of departments which mean he deals with vast quantities of rock stars who I sometimes get to meet at parties. My cousin was Prince Harry's childhood crush.

For me personally, my favourite claim to fame would be getting to attend the LOTR premieres and parties and getting to know members of the cast, that was a pretty exciting time. Plus having cast members recognise <i>me</i> and call out my name on the red carpet at the Berlin premiere was a good buzz. Or hanging out with the london cast of Rent, just for the nostalgia factor.
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Post by Spivsy » 11 Sep 2007 09:28 am

I'm related (in some way) to the first person to swim the channel.

I'm also related to someone who did camera work on some obscure nature show.

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Post by gomababe » 11 Sep 2007 09:32 am

My claim to fame? I've had poems {well *a* poem} published beat that :P.

Oh you mean Celebrities? Ok then, I went to school with the guy who plays Boy George in that musical about him. I don't know much about my family though, but my little brother's best friend's cousin used to be the goalkeeper for Hearts FC {I think he's being transferred to another club}. He taught me how to ride my bike without stabalisers when I was 8 ^_^.

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Post by Strawberry Limeade » 11 Sep 2007 11:09 am

My parents used to have a lighting/sound/catering business, and got to party with the Eagles, Jackson Browne, Santana, the Beach Boys, and Van Halen. My mom used to use a Beach Boys drumstick to unclog our vaccuum cleaner.

As for me personally, I have one of my photos in the Permanent Collection at Purdue.

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Post by oogabooga » 11 Sep 2007 11:30 pm

Oh, this is a fun thread :)

Mine are all on my dad's side, for some reason. I guess he likes to talk about family history more than Mom does.

I'm descended from both Lewis and Clark (at least, Clark's brother, I think). My grandmother was Oprah Winfrey's teacher. My dad is mentioned in the credits for some computer book that we saw at NASA when we visited, and he's also a tradition at Rice University (some bathroom somewhere says he sucks, and every time they paint over it somebody writes it again).

For myself, I got into the local newspaper when I got perfect scores on the ACT and SAT.

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Post by Illuen » 12 Sep 2007 02:02 am

Well, I currently live in the town whose major claim to fame is to be the hometown of John Wilkes Booth. I'm also distantly related to a serial killer! He is my mother's second or third cousin, which makes him my third or fourth cousin. For the record: He's guilty as sin. I'm also distantly related to William Wallace, who I was actually named after, kinda (a long line of Williams in my family, all named after each other, all leading back to Wallace)
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Post by TCD » 12 Sep 2007 03:20 am

Am supposedly related to Lizzie Borden.. She's like my great aunt or something. At least according to family lore.

Other than that...actually when my mom was pregnant with me, she ran into Gerald Ford's wife. I don't think that counts, though.

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Post by sureq » 12 Sep 2007 03:59 am

Lets see um...
While working at my old job (restaurant) I've served Peter Helliar, and he has relatives in my boyfriend's street so we see him often there too. I'm sure noone out of Australia knows who that is though.

Also I've spoken to the kid who plays Stingray from Neighbours. He's friends with the dishwasher at said restaurant. Shame I don't watch Neighbours so I never found that all exciting.

I walked past Greg Fleet the comedian in the street once in Chapel St, and the guy who played Gino from Neighbours on Swanston St.

My sister however, works at Crown Casino and served Drinks to John Cleese. I'll be forever jealous.

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Post by Alicorn » 12 Sep 2007 04:26 am

Wow, a lot of you guys have gotten to do cool things and related to some cool people.

Let me see, on my mom's side we are related to Chester A. Arthur (forget what number president of the US). Also Nixon (another old US president. Yes I don't know his number either, I fail at American history ^_^") is my Grandpa on my mom's side uncle. My mom also likes to say we are somehow related to King Arthur...I don't really believe that but if it makes her happy.

My own claim to fame...well in my high school's drawing and writing club's magazine, I had the most pictures published in it my senior year. Then I was the friendliest person of the month at my work. Does that count? Okay I haven't gotten to do many cool things myself. Closest I've gotten to a celebrity is being at the Nickelback concert and that wasn't really close. My mom on the other hand got to shake hands with the rapper Nelly. He stopped by the Wal-Mart she worked at to pick up some of the big RC Hummers we were carrying. He also gave mom his house keys to hold onto of his bodyguard or something to pick up. Yeah, that's about it. :oops:
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Post by Sagrei » 17 Sep 2007 10:20 pm

You've heard of Gallagher, right? Watermelon-smashing dude on the television with the wacky hats and the mallets and the crazy white-boy-fro and the mustache? He grew up two or three houses down from the childhood home of a friend of mine -- and attended the same high school I did.

He was way before my time, of course, but his legacy lived on in a way I find hilarious. Picture it: eleven years ago, during the height of the school-violence wave that was shocking the nation, the code phrase gets called over the intercom as I'm on my way from lunch to my freshman Bio class. I didn't hear it over the crowds, but as soon as we were in our seats the teacher told us we've all got to go to the stadium because there's been a bomb threat. (To this day I do not know why we were always herded out there when there was a threat -- one would think that, to cause maximum damage, the incendiary device would be set under the bleachers. But I digress.)

Out to the stadium we go, and the place seems fairly empty; less than half of the school is there. The administrators and secretaries are having a fierce argument down at one end of the field. People are scampering to and from the building, and slowly - slowly - the rest of the school trickles out. This halfassed evacuation takes well over an hour, the upper class misses their lunch period, and confusion is well mixed with worry. We were allowed back into the blessed air conditioning by the end of my sixth period, and for the rest of the day nobody knew what had happened.

We all found out why the next day, and it's something that still cracks me up. Obviously, panic would ensue if they went over the intercoms and said, simply, "we've had a bomb threat, everyone to the football stadium." In order to keep the peace, some smartass admin had decreed the code phrase for a bomb threat would be thus: Gallagher is in the building. The problem was, they failed to explain this to everyone -- and half the teachers were unwilling to suspend class so us kids could watch some guy with Bob Ross hair mangle perfectly good fruit.

True story, y'all. My alma mater was the best school in the county -- at the time, one of the best in the state -- and I never have met Gallagher. Though by now, I'm not sure I'd want to.

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Post by EofS » 18 Sep 2007 02:48 am

I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier. I just came up with more tangential stuff. But this is kind of interesting, if very Brit-specific.

I trained <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Akinwolere">Andy Akinwolere</a> for his first job in television. He was my replacement (I had to go back to finish my degree) and I wound up doing most of the training, then we worked side by side for a few months. Less than a year later I almost fell off my chair when I discovered he was the new Blue Peter presenter!

And in another very Brit-specific manner, I worked on Richard Whiteley's memorial service. I'd only been working for ITV for two weeks when he died, in the very newsroom in which he made his name*, Countdown was started etc. So that was a really surreal, but interesting experience. Then when it came to be time to hold his memorial service, the filming was a co-production between various departments, and I was asked to be a runner. That was really awesome. I don't know that it reeeeally counts as a claim to fame mind, but I think it's kind of an interesting fame-related thing I can say I've done. One of my duties was watching out for <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Wakeman">Rick Wakeman</a> - fortunately somebody else spotted him because I didn't have a clue what he looked like!

*Ignoring the fact that the team had actually moved into a new building between then and now ;0)

I kind of feel like it's cheating posting ones like that though. You inevitably meet the odd celeb (and some are very odd!) when you work in tv.

So I'll conclude with a final, ever so slightly more international one which isn't *quite* so cheaty. <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Herman">Mark Herman</a> (director of Little Voice and Brassed Off one of my favourite films ever) was involved in the editing stages of my graduate short film. He didn't like it very much and got annoyed because we weren't editing to music ;0) But I think he liked it well enough in the end.

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Post by Anna the Red » 18 Sep 2007 07:25 am

LOU CARPENTER IS AWESOME! This is a neat thread.

Aww...I can't post my family members who do neat things because then it would be fairly easy to track me down over the internet and I don't want that. However, I can post about all the cool people I've met through my family members! Yeeeah! They're all from bands, so most of these probably won't be too big a deal unless you're a big music nerd.

Let's see, off the top of my head:

Most of New Rules for Boats.
End of Fashion.
Janet Weiss and Carrie Brownstein from Sleater Kinney. (I nearly wet myself. Janet Weiss is my HERO.)
Paul Wood from Red Jezebel. (Another big wetting myself moment, I had a HUGE crush on him as a kid.)

And a couple of other local bands.

Oh, and everyone seems to be under the impression I'm related to Björk because I'm Icelandic, so OBVIOUSLY we must hang out ALL THE TIME!

Also Nanabobo, I quite enjoyed your marching band.

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