Pets in the Pound

Forum for adopting out pets. Remember: to keep paintbrush clothing on a pet, you must use the transfer option!
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Post by nomigid15 » 29 Jul 2007 11:43 pm

What about a yellow, female draik.

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Post by AngharadTy » 29 Jul 2007 11:55 pm

A) This is not the place to be asking for pets. Please refrain from requests. We have an adoption forum for that, but I'd advise reading the rules post and the post about it being closed for now.
B) If anyone knew of a draik in the pound, it would immediately be gone thereafter. They are very popular pets.
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Post by Kamil » 04 Sep 2007 02:06 am

Krestiani the yellow Kyrii. Failed Peophin zap.
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Post by dandelions » 15 Sep 2007 09:29 pm

Split from the end of April, old section deleted as part of my forum housekeeping-before-the-move drive.

Silanean the blue grarrl is also in the pound.

I'm also going to say this here because I don't know where else it fits: I've removed Adoptions since it's been locked for months now, and I'd rather simply remake it when the Pound comes back. The pets in there probably aren't still be up for adoption - and even if they are, they can't be adopted. It will be coming back when the Pound does.

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Post by Officer 1BDI » 16 Sep 2007 12:46 am

I dumped Bluteh, my Snow Usul, in the pound yesterday so I could resume zapping for clothes. She's got a (zapped) Strawberry Mazzew on her. Two avvies in one pet. ;)

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Re: Pets in the Pound

Post by zebru » 11 Oct 2007 11:07 pm

I do very little target labbing of recent so here is the entire list of what I've dropped in pound since April (I'll keep editing it as I pound more labbies so keep an eye on it if there is something you are hoping for):

Recently added:

Zidr - starry usul
Zinds - robot peophin
Eoras - fire zafara
Zubos - checkered flotsam
Yelea - skunk chomby

Ovk - robot hissi
Ylz - tyrannian cybunny
Refels - disco yurble
Qene - sketch tuskaninny
Kellt - halloween tuskaninny
Biuoe - faerie bruce
Dictaria - orange lupe
Qeqi - rainbow quiggle
Olb - christmas flotsam
Yeqe - checkered blumaroo
Wuxe - shadow bruce
Xege - desert scorchio
Xese - tyrannian scorchio
Uoxo - christmas blumaroo
Xepu - blue hissi
Belr - gold flotsam
Xegu - sponge koi
Chiasoo - split chia
Vepos - ice usul
Neape - shadow tonu
Elw - christmas moehog
Mehep - desert pteri
Hetye - pink peophin
Meneas - purple bori
Perea - starry gnorbu
Viliom - purple scorchio
Radath - desert buzz
Mereh - mutant elephante
Geleota - snot poogle
Veraq - island ruki
Telaz - purple kacheek
Zombes - cloud aisha
Mraze - shadow aisha
Arems - halloween aisha
Lopf - purple aisha
Nevev - silver scorchio
Nofl - striped hissi
Verep - striped tuskaninny
Nolux - fire meerca

Nevessy - blue gelert
Mehes - yellow yurble
Ratah - green grarrl
Nodim - green xweetok

***Pets I noticed in the pound (I haven't pounded them)
rucea - jelly poogle

Pets that should have clothes on are unfortunately all nude and look rather ordinary.
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Re: Pets in the Pound

Post by Madge » 12 Oct 2007 12:16 pm

Songei the Halloween Lupe is in the pound.

Aynar the Christmas Yurble. Good to repaint something nicer and get some seasonal accessories out of it, too?

Will edit this post with new pets like Zebru does, unless I forget, in which case, I'm a liar and you can all laugh at me?
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Re: Pets in the Pound

Post by checkers » 13 Oct 2007 07:31 pm

The pet Draik is in the pound, Red Buzz! hehe.

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Re: Pets in the Pound

Post by PennyLane » 03 Nov 2007 02:42 pm

I can't believe the pound is still down. I just came back to neo and got a darigan zap on a lupe yesterday, followed by maraquan zap on another lupe today. So now either I pound them and let them sit there until TNT feels like fixing it...or they can sit on my account leaving me unable to zap. @@

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Re: Pets in the Pound

Post by invsagoth » 12 Nov 2007 10:44 pm

Well, I just tossed a pet into the pound. I have a Halloween bruce which I had picked up out of the pound for it's outfit. I thought it looked like a wizard, and I liked that. I hated the fact that they took a purple bruce and dressed it up. (Why oh why do purple pets need orange freckles??) I also wasn't too thrilled with the name, but I had a story for her, so the pet was kept. Name is rukieneo_2003.
So. There is a naked halloween bruce in the pound. Meaning there is a purple bruce in the pound. lol
I'm thinking of zapping for a starry bruce to dress in the halloween outfit. Then the name won't suck either.
I hope that the pound comes back some day so that can happen. :P

mod edit: Removed color tags from post. See rules post for explanation.
Thank you to Jazzy for the av!

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Re: Pets in the Pound

Post by Sparrow » 14 Nov 2007 02:28 am

Rahpt the Pepper Chia is in the pound. I adopted him from someone here (Kudos, I think?) and at the time (pre-revamp) I had really wanted one. But after the revamp... all the fruit Chias just lost their sweet, cute qualities. :( I figured it was time to start clearing out my accounts. So, Rahpt is up for grabs, when and if the pound comes back.

EDIT: Witlessness the Desert Cybunny is also in the pound.

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Re: Pets in the Pound

Post by Noodles » 01 Dec 2007 07:50 am

Thalassics - Silver Grarrl.
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Re: Pets in the Pound

Post by Feathercircle » 31 Dec 2007 05:37 pm

Since the pound went down, I've dropped off Vleugelaanval the white eyrie, and Okesutora the Maraquan grundo.

I've also got a long, extensive list of well-named pets which I found in the pound for me to foster and lab after it comes online again- but I've also got a smattering of painted or limited edition species which I don't particularly want. I could post them here if anyone's interested.

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Re: Pets in the Pound

Post by Mariko » 13 Feb 2008 03:02 am


Inks - mutant lupe
vegged - speckled ruki
Thim - snot cybunny
Locd - mutant jetsam
Knoc - robot wocky
Negl - disco elephante
Bl - faerie chomby
elinor - desert elephante
Afte - robot poogle
whine - checkered ixi



^There are the pets that I found while name searching.

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Re: Pets in the Pound

Post by Rainbow Daydreamer » 13 Feb 2008 12:58 pm

An HCer mentioned a Jelly Quiggle named Aruacara, if anyone's interested.

And I have got to stop spotting potential fosters for Reopening Day. At this rate, I am going to need sixteen accounts, a dozen lab rays, and more money than I've ever been able to lay hands on.
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