Forum upgrade and possible glitches

Any problems or suggestions regarding the forums or scripts, post them here.
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Re: Forum upgrade and possible glitches

Post by Jazzy » 06 Dec 2009 05:09 pm

In order:

The avatar thing appears to be a temporary problem with Jessi's HA specifically; the image was broken for a bit. It was working when I last posted, because I was using it to test how HAs show up on profiles, broke for a while (see on this topic, for example, Ty's and Foghawk's, which still worked), and now appears to be fine again. Let me know if any weirdness continues. To check whether it's the HA code or the HA image itself being broken, go to the person's profile, where the HA should appear, far-right: if it doesn't, the image is broken, and if it does, go back to the topic and refresh, and if it still doesn't appear when hovering over the button, it's the code which is broken.

I've put in an "if IE" tag - can IE people confirm that this hasn't broken anything, and Foghawk whether this has fixed it?

Ty: yes, yes it is. I haven't got a clue why it's doing that for you, because it's set as float: right. Erm. Leave it as is because I don't know where to begin with fixing that?

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Re: Forum upgrade and possible glitches

Post by AngharadTy » 06 Dec 2009 09:56 pm

It doesn't bug me, of course, so I don't mind if it stays on the left! I notice that it might be the same code in the user profile, because my HA is on the left there, but again, it doesn't really bug me. I seldom go to user profiles, hee.
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