searches for newer colors have "not available" on them?

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searches for newer colors have "not available" on them?

Post by nolee » 08 Dec 2011 03:18 pm

first off, kudos for this brilliant site! <3

i noticed a problem when i was surfing the other day...newer color options for different neopets are registered as 'not available' during a search. which is odd, since there is clearly a happy male wraith and silver bruce on the front page; but when i search for bruce - all colours, the wraith and silver ones don't show up. is this a glitch or is it meant to be like this?

thanks so much ~ =)

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Re: searches for newer colors have "not available" on them?

Post by Fjorab_Teke » 08 Dec 2011 09:30 pm

Hi, and welcome!

Ever since the customization change, the image URLs have been harder to come by. Now we need to get an image URL directly from a pet that is actually that color and found through the source code in viewing it. It's no longer a simple issue of "bruce_silver_happy" for the full image - it's an odd string that looks something like (for the male Maractite Peophin) It pretty much has to be done manually now, and i don't think there's a way for it to automatically find the code for that.

But you do bring up an interesting point. Maybe we can have our coding gurus make the "basic" easy-to-do image URL as part of the species-color lookup, and not just for the front page string, for the basic image and "we acknowledge this is here, but we don't have the customization image code for male/female yet."

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