How do I see the *female* pet full-size?

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How do I see the *female* pet full-size?

Post by vralda_pavouk » 26 Dec 2013 05:35 pm

I've noticed that in trying to view full-size, the *female* poses for the Grundo (with the eyelashes I only just realized they had) I am not able to get them to show up, as the full-size image is the *male* lashless Grundo and the other poses are thumbnails and are not clickable, even though I specified I want to view the pose Happy Female, and then specified specific color of Grundo, with pose Happy Female... I'm a confused newbie and would much appreciate some pointers <3

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Re: How do I see the *female* pet full-size?

Post by Jazzy » 27 Dec 2013 03:48 pm

We've made it so that it displays the male by default, so there's two options:

- We could make it so that it displays the female picture when you hover over it
- You can access any larger female image by going to the image URL and changing it so the end says 4.png (instead of the 2.png usually used for the smaller images). This also means you can see large versions of the other poses (angry, ill, etc).

The reason why it only displays the male by default is because the male image is a lot easier to find, so for a lot of pets, we only have the male available. We don't display the female because it's quite likely it'll be a big broken image for the newest pets :) (We manually add pet URLs for every pet, but male ones are available very easily from the Rainbow Pool, whereas female pets have to be found by looking for a female pet in that colour that isn't wearing any clothes.)

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