What to do if you can't log in

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What to do if you can't log in

Post by Jazzy » 17 Jun 2006 01:12 pm

If when you attempt to log in, the screen afterwards shows you as if you were still logged out, please try the following, in this order. Remember to attempt to log in again after each step.

- Try a different browser, if you have one installed. If it works in the other browser, it is likely to be a cookie problem.
Note: it must be a browser which does not share cookies- Internet Explorer and Avant, for example, will share any cookies and therefore any problems with them.

- Clear your cache/temporary internet files and cookies through your browser.
In Firefox: Tools > Options
In IE: Tools > Internet Options
In Mozilla: Edit > Preferences
In Opera: Tools > Preferences
In Safari: Safari > Empty Cache and Safari > Preferences.

- Locate and delete the neocolours.me.uk and/or http://www.neocolours.me.uk cookie specifically.
In Firefox, Opera, Mozilla and Safari: Use the cookie manager to delete the neocolours.me.uk/ and http://www.neocolours.me.uk/ cookies.
In Internet Explorer and Avant Browser: do a search on your system for "neocolours.me.uk" and delete the cookie results which come up.

- Re-register using a different username and see if the same problem happens again.

- Finally, if you have tried all of the steps and you still cannot log in, email me. Do not email me if you have not tried to do what it says here, because I will just point you back here.

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Post by chickvw » 29 Aug 2006 04:40 am

Correction: There is no need to do all this, as I tried clearing the cookies for this site alone, and I reset my cookies to have to verify every time I close out IE. Still nothing. I logged int 10+ times without success on more than one occasion, and a technically inclined friend of mine clued me in.

IF you are having problems logging in, hit CTRL + R. It is a simple "that page only" manual override forcing that page to clear and reacquire all the cookies.

edit - I did try restarting yesterday when I was having so much trouble, but alas, it did not help either. *hugs the CTRL + R*

PS - those of us who live rurally and are physically unable to get any sort of high speed would rather shoot ourselves in the foot than reset ALL of our cookies.
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Post by Usul_Princess » 29 Aug 2006 06:41 pm

I did have a few problems logging in a few days ago, but I only needed to restart my computer. The cookies were cleared a few days afterwards, but it can be as simple as a restart. I didn't have any trouble logging into public comps though.

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