"Important Info" PMs - Careful!

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"Important Info" PMs - Careful!

Post by Synonym » 25 May 2009 06:25 pm

This seems very similar to a phishing scheme that has struck facebook! The site "megl" will appear to be a login page of some sort, and will take your info! The person who sent you the message, though, is likely just a victim. But don't go to the website!
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Re: "Important Info" PMs - Careful!

Post by Huggles » 25 May 2009 08:43 pm

Jazzy's been on top of keeping spammers from spamming posts, so a couple have switched to private messages. Again, don't follow any links sent to you via pm from someone you don't know. You have not won a free ipod and you aren't saving the whales. Jazzy's still working on a way to sort this out.

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Re: "Important Info" PMs - Careful!

Post by Nogitsune » 26 May 2009 01:19 am

I just got one from 'ferracont'. I didn't open the link since I suspected something like this.
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Re: "Important Info" PMs - Careful!

Post by Madge » 03 Jun 2009 10:41 am

I just got one from "freanour". I'm oddly flattered that the spambots think I'm part of the neocolours club!

It had the subject line "Spam Protection". Really, does anybody fall for that?

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Re: "Important Info" PMs - Careful!

Post by Xelio » 03 Jun 2009 09:26 pm

Sadly, yes, yes they do. The fact that these people that do this stuff still keeps on trying seems to suggest such.
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