Is anyone else seeing cog wheels on the index page?

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Is anyone else seeing cog wheels on the index page?

Post by Usul_Princess » 13 Jul 2009 03:10 am

I know that on Neo, the way to fix it was to refresh your pet while they were in the closet, but here I see them when I'm browsing or looking at pet colors other than the newly released ones in the search engine. Is it a main page problem?

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Re: Is anyone else seeing cog wheels on the index page?

Post by Jessi » 13 Jul 2009 03:37 am

Usul, I believe it has to do with the way that Neopets saves images now - when the images were broken and turned into cogs, our images here turned into cogs too. Us fixing our images on Neopets is changing the URL, I think. I'm not sure of the technicalities of it, but I think there's a chance we may need to readd all the pets to get rid of the cogs on the site =/ I'm sure Jazzy has more info about it.

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Re: Is anyone else seeing cog wheels on the index page?

Post by Jazzy » 13 Jul 2009 08:05 pm

Yup. I'm hoping they'll fix it or produce a system where the URLs follow a set pattern, because I really don't like the idea of having to re-add every single pet. I do expect them to do something, because on one of my accounts three of my pets are cogs, and I can't imagine they intend to leave them like that.

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Re: Is anyone else seeing cog wheels on the index page?

Post by Aurinona » 13 Jul 2009 08:35 pm

I don't think they're going to fix it. From the editorial:
Hi. A month or so ago there was a glitch that interfered with Neopet images. Most people could restore their Neopets' images by customizing them. I am personally having a different problem with this glitch, however. As a player who likes to keep up with Lab Ray results and customization options, I have a Petpage (disposition621's) where a year's worth of image codes have been turned to cogs or random Neopets. I've been waiting and hoping that these images will be restored. Is this something that is being worked on, or is it something that I and other players will have to delete and abandon hope for? ~dogma621
We talked to the programmers, and we're seriously sorry to say that they don't have a way to fix the images on your Petpage. :( We really wish we could, as we know how much effort goes into Petpages, and we're sincerely sorry about it.
As far as the pets on your own account- have you tried adding backgrounds, feeding them, or playing with them?
Hey, TNT! :) When I look on some peoples' User Lookups, their Neopets are gears. I find it strange. There's been many boards about this. Is this a glitch, and will it be fixed? ~sandrasung123
Yes, it was a glitch. Fortunately, it's one that you guys can fix yourselves! Just customise your Neopet and the gear will go away, and then you'll be able to see your beautiful Neopet again! Yay! We have a script that can fix it, but it will literally take weeks to finish running. D: You can help us out a bunch by taking matters into your own hands. Wait... why are you guys picking up pitchforks and torches? Guys? GUYS! *flees*

You mentioned in your last Editorial that the solution to the gear image appearing in place of your Neopet is to simply customize and save your Neopet. However, it appears that my unconverted (yes, I checked in my Quick Ref that he is still unconverted) Grundo is now appearing as a gear. I don't want to convert him, and the only solution you've given is to do just that. Is there any way to solve the gear problem without converting him? ~pyro_blaze_jaguar
For unconverted Neopets, you can still equip a background and then unequip it if you'd like to customise that Neopet. It won't convert them or anything, so don't worry. :)

Hey! You guys said that wearing NC Mall clothes is a way of changing your Neopets back to their regular state from gears, but I tried feeding my Neopets and making them happier also changes them from gears back to their regular state. Is that true, or is it me losing my mind again? ~randumlee
First of all, we just said customising them fixed it; we didn't say anything about the items being used having to be NC Mall items. x_X Secondly, wahey! You're quite right. It appears as though feeding them or playing with your Neopets works too, as well as placing them in the Neolodge it seems. Thanks for the tip off!

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