Come and re-rate the basic Neopets!

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Re: Come and re-rate the basic Neopets!

Post by Cranberry » 29 Sep 2009 06:21 pm

Enriana wrote: Of course, they're smaller - I didn't realize how much until seeing them side by side - which I'm not a fan of, but a lot of the shading/lines/posing is much better.
They're actually much bigger on the pet lookups!

Image Image

The little versions we're voting on are the size that would appear on the userlookup. :)

I voted mostly new, although there are some pets I believe look much better in the old versions -- lutari, for example, because it should be swimming; pteri, because the new one's raised "wing o' doom" just looks ridiculous; xweetok, because again, the raised fist looks unnatural and stupid. But most pets were improved by customization, in my opinion. I'm probably happiest about the eyrie (whose stupid back wings were finally fixed), peophin and elephante.

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Re: Come and re-rate the basic Neopets!

Post by Seerow » 29 Sep 2009 07:07 pm

I think I was roughly half and half, which sort of surprised me as I thought I'd vote for more old. Some species that I never liked before I actually love now, such as Elephante and Acara, where as others I liked before I loathe now, like the Lutari and Draik.

I didn't have many neutrals, mainly just on the ones that look silly anyway, such as the Chia.
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Re: Come and re-rate the basic Neopets!

Post by mellaka » 29 Sep 2009 09:20 pm

I voted mostly old and neutral, because there are many pets that I didn't like before and still don't like and can't see one version as any better than the other. It's been a few days now, but I think I voted new on peophin and eyrie and not much else. Possibly bori.

And I still really strongly prefer the old versions of draiks, hissis, kois and scorchios.

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Re: Come and re-rate the basic Neopets!

Post by Jazzy » 04 Oct 2009 01:53 am

The results page is back up, with improvements :)

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Re: Come and re-rate the basic Neopets!

Post by Scythemantis » 12 Feb 2010 05:39 am

MOST basic pets were vastly improved in customization. The empty fists are a small price to pay for believable depth and bone structure. The only pets I kinda preferred before were the Zafara, Buzz and Kiko. It's a shame the Aisha lost its quiet dignity, though, and the Hissi is the only one to SCRAP bone structure, gaining stupidly flat-looking wings.

The very very biggest improvement was probably the Draik, objectively. The old pose was awkwardly cramped and the head was almost obnoxiously huge for the body.

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