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Any problems or suggestions regarding the forums or scripts, post them here.
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Forum upgraded

Post by Jazzy » 15 Nov 2008 02:37 am

I've just upgraded the forum to phpBB 3.0.3, which you can read about here if you're particularly interested: ... &t=1292765
Mostly bugfixes, a few new features. If anything at all appears to be broken, please post here. If you can't post, you can email me at octobermoth [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Otherwise, you may all return to whatever it is you were doing :)

edit: sorry, I've just realised that new posts aren't going through, though new topics are. Bear with me and I'll try and fix this. You can still reply by clicking the "post reply" button, but you cannot use the quick reply box.

edit2: Should now be fixed. Again, apologies; if you're still having problems, please post/pm/email me.

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Re: Forum upgraded

Post by Miguel » 15 Nov 2008 05:44 pm

1:37am post time? You're certainly dedicated, good work Jazzy! It all seems to work as far as I can see.
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