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Archive for September 2007:

Lost Desert Draik and Krawk

Oh look... a theme day. And yes, it's me again! But this time I'm not complaining :)

Lost desert is the theme, and we have two pets as well- gosh, TNT were feeling generous. Of course, desert is one of the colours with wearable accessories, to make things more fun. The choice of species is perhaps slightly unfortunate, being the two most expensive pets and hardest to get pets on the site (excepting Lutaris, I guess, because they can't be morphed). So, the pets:

The krawk really caught my eye first, so I want to write about it first- even though it's out of alphabetical order. What really strikes me is how seamless the look is. Nothing looks pasted on, almost as if the whole thing was drawn from scratch. The accessories aren't too busy, even though there are plenty of them- head piece and beard, loincloth, staff, arm bangles and tail bangle. The presence of teh staff is also great- if the pets had to be given fists so that they could be depicted holding things, then give them something to hold! The colour scheme is a bit different from other desert pets, but really nice- green and gold instead of the more usual blue. The base colour is a nice sandy sort of brown, as well, unlike the pinker shades used for older pets (they often look to me like raw skin, which is never a good mental image). The eye make-up is the icing on the cake. Overall, I think this is among the nicest of the pets released so far since the big changes.

Unfortunately, the draik loses out- I think it's actually a really nice pet and a very decent desert, but it's sitting in the shadow of the krawk. Back to blue, white and gold for this colour scheme, and I'm not sure it completely worked- the blue eyes are distinctive, certainly, but the blue wing and ear inner parts don't work for me, as the contrast to the base brown shade is just too great. I'm not even sure I like the symbols on the wing inners- a clever touch, possibly, but somehow it feels a bit tacked on and unnecessary. I don't really like the blue toenails, either. I don't know enough about Ancient Egyptian dress to know what the headdress is on the draik, but I'm not sure I like it that much- it reminds me of a chef's hat, except that's completely inappropriate on a desert pet.

I'm not sure if anyone will be going out to get a draik just to get a desert one, but it's nice enough if you wanted to see desert on a draik. However, I wouldn't be surprised if there were some new krawks around especially to be painted desert.

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Jelly and Speckled Skeiths

Jelly is far too solid-looking, which sort of takes away the whole point of jelly and makes it just a shiny purple skeith. On the other hand, it is a nice shade of purple... and the existing purple skeith has those awful orange spots and things... Too bad it's a lab-only color. Not worth the effort, really. Maybe if you had a fountain faerie quest and absolutely nothing else to use it on.

Speckled is likewise a disappointment. The most recent speckled pets have been lovely (the flotsam particularly). This one just looks somehow diseased. I think it's probably the fact that the spots are so small, and all over, except the top of the tail for some reason. The dark green used for the ears and wings is good, though, and if the artist had just made the spots bigger (big spots for a big pet?) this could have been very nice.

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Electric and Halloween Poogles

Electric is the standard colorfill we have come to know and loathe. Something might be said about the stripes, maybe - the tip of the tail is slightly interesting, and the shade of blue used on the inside of the ears - but on the whole, this is one of the colors that makes me go "Wait, didn't this already exist?" It looks so very familiar.

Halloween, like the flotsam, is a nearly-colorfill with a nice costume. It's probably a safe assumption that this will be the pattern for all new Halloween pets. This is also kind of an appropriate color for the time of year, though my perceptions have possibly been altered by my new job in retail (on a side note, by the time Halloween finally comes around, I fully expect to have gone insane from that awful talking skull). Anyway. This is a great costume. It looks just like the Snowbeast, except for the poogle ears sticking out, which is cute. It's lovely and hairy as it should be. And I love that the fangs are part of the base pet, though it's disappointing otherwise; still, if you cover up most of the pet with other clothing items, the fangs could be part of a neat overall look.

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Sorry, Daisy, I just couldn't think of anything to say about the chocolate ogrin.

Chocolate Ogrin

Chocolate Ball on Neopets!
Ho! Another theme pet colour:
Ogrin this time.
Of course.
Looks okay. Chocolate curl mane
An interesting touch. But
The white feet are somewhat odd* and the
Eyes are rather shiny.

Yet again on the theme day it is me who writes the pet review. EofS and Ooga, it is not my turn next time! ;P

*Maybe they're white chocolate, I guess.

Disco and Orange Techos

Yippee! I could hardly wait to read the news for techo day, I was looking forward to finding out what new colours they would have. And yes! We have disco and orange, and aren't they lovely?

Well, no. I wish I could really be enthusiastic about techo colours, but I can't. I've never really liked the species, and I think the revamp they received for customisation didn't do them any favours- it would have helped if their riduculously wiggly tail had been made to look more natural, but sadly this didn't happen. And so to the colours themselves.

Orange is just orange. We seem to have had rather a lot of either orange or split pets released since customisation. After the Kyrii, which was a rather nice shade, we're back to the bog standard shade again.

Disco made me laugh, but not in a good way. In its favour, it has got some accessories on it, which is a definite plus in the light of customisation. Almost everything else about it is negative, though- the shade of green used is too dark, the patterns don't look very vibrant and the feet look flat. Even the accessories aren't that wonderful- the chain is okay but against the yellow chest it doesn't work very well, the sunglasses look rather odd and the ring is barely visible. Perhaps on another colour of techo they would look better, but on disco they aren't shown off to their best. The overall effect brings to mind images which aren't favourable- chavs and dodgy old geezers. The fist really isn't helping with that.

Have anything else to add? Any other suggestions as to what the disco techo resembles? Say it here.

Pirate and Split for Draik Day

These are both quite nice, and considering draiks already had most of the good colors, that's an achievement. The draik, of course, benefited greatly from the revamp for customization.

Split isn't anything special, but the shades of purple and orange used actually go together fairly well. It helps that you can't really see the line where they meet - only a tiny bit on the head, and on the stomach where they're both so light it's hardly noticeable. The two-tone head thing (hair?) is cute as well. I could wish that they'd made purple the side facing the viewer, but that's just because I like purple better.

Pirate is cute, though it's a shame to have lost the possibility of a repose. The base pet is your standard grey, without any interesting markings as far as I can tell (unless the tail piece isn't removable) but the accessories are very good. I love the gold-edged eyepatch (and good for the artist getting the string right - sometimes they don't) and the matching jacket. The hook complements them nicely. This is the third pirate pet with a hook - the others are the krawk and the meerca - and this one, with its darker color and sort of weathered look, is definitely nicer than either. This is probably an excellent candidate to paint over for the accessories - or keep it grey, if you like it that way.

In other draik news, TNT has released an ice draik egg. This will be the sixth, and the second not in a basic color (after Darigan) - and ice is a lab-only color, which makes this an interesting move.

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