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Archive for November 2007:

Biscuit and Zombie Usuls

Anybody who is disappointed by the biscuit usul has clearly never seen the other biscuit pets. It's pretty much on a par with them really, fur and all. That said, I think the ruff looks delicious and the chocolate bow is a nice touch too. Those eyes must be full of e-numbers - there's no way that colour is natural!

Moving onto colours with less propensity to suck, we have the third ever zombie pet. Overall, I like it. The muted colourscheme works well for me, I don't mind the mix of red, green and blue one bit. The ruff is wonderfully tattered and those milky-eyes have the right level of lifelessness. I'm not entirely sure what to make of the mouth - it looks like it might be a bit wobbly, but the line is so thin that it's hard to make out.

The one major criticism really is the inexplicable stitching on the tail. I've always assumed usul tails are like squirrel ones - a thin flesh/bone one with exceptionally long, fine hair radiating from it. Thus the stitching is making absolutely zero sense to me - it treats it as far too solid.

As ever, you can discuss it in the forum.

Royal pteris

Royal, being so dependent on accessories, is one of the colors best suited to customization. With these two, it's good to see that the artist seems to have taken full advantage. These seem to be more or less your standard medieval-style royals, but they still manage to look different from the rest. The darker shades help.

The royalgirl has a totally unique base color, which is great - a sort of dusky purple, with violet trimming, and very pretty pale purple on the inside of the wings. On top of that, she's covered in jewelry. The dress seems pretty awkward, which is unfortunately par for the course, but the color is lovely and matches the pet well. She seems to be wearing the same cloak as the royalboy, so maybe it's detachable from the dress. It's hard to tell whether the bracelets (if that's what they are... they're just on one feather, so maybe rings would be a better word - pteri anatomy is rather confusing) are separate from the dress or not, but I suspect not, which would be a shame. The tail ring is nice, though, and it and the tiara might look nice on their own, on this base or another. Finally, the odd tuft of hair/feathers on top of her head looks a bit awkward. The tiara balances it out a but, but I imagine without the tiara it would just look weird. Overall, a good pet; shame about the dress.

The royalboy has decent clothes, but a fairly boring base. Brown? Come on. With added scary eyebrows, no less. It could almost pass for Tyrannian. The tip of the beak is black, which blends in to the shadows behind and makes it look like it's an odd shape. The details on the wingtips are very nice, though, I will give them that. The clothes are quite good. I like the way the cape billows out behind, although it would make more sense if the pet were actually flying. The crown seems a bit too thick, but maybe that's the eyebrows again. The armor looks nice, and I'm glad the artist limited it to the chest and feet. I really like the sash a lot. Again, it's hard to tell exactly how many pieces of clothing there are. I'd guess three, depending on whether the cape is separate from the armor - I doubt it is, but it would be nice if it were. Overall, much less impressive than the royalgirl. I'd maybe paint one for the clothes and then get a different base.

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