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Archive for December 2007:

Darigan and Skunk Xweetoks

Apologies for the long time this post has been coming - I don't think any of us could face having to look at the Darigan Xweetok for long enough to actually discuss it.

I think you can guess what I'm going to say. I'll start with the plus points, few and far between. It's not purple. That's always nice in a Darigan. I'm not personally a fan of the shade of blue, but that's really a matter of taste so I'll let it slide. The eyes aren't a bad colour for evil eyes, though they do clash somewhat. The mussed up punk-rock mohawk is nice, as are the flamey black markings around it. There's some ruffled fur on the right hind-leg too actually, though since Xweetoks have never looked very hairy to me that looks a little out of place.

I can't decide whether I like the spots or not. They look a bit diseased. But mostly they just remind me of liver spots, which don't exactly strike fear into the hearts of all who see them.

And now the cons, where to start. Random spikes and horns? Yup, it's got them. I think the spiked ears are possibly the most bizarre example of this we have ever seen. The head horns aren't terribly well positioned either. Speaking of, the wings are poorly positioned too. They must be horrible to draw post-customisation, but knowing that doesn't make it any easier to look at the poor thing.

And then there's the face. They eyebrows scream "come hither, sailor" whilst the eyelids and eyebags say "hand me a prairie oyster". And the less said about the mouth the better - it looks like a month old apple, or a cartoon old person who has probably lost all of their teeth. In fact, if you removed the teeth (and the bags under the eyes and the tiny line beneath the mouth) I think this would be a passable evil smirk. But right now it just looks... weird.

It's a lot of money to pay for a pet though where the nicest thing I can think to say is "it has cool hair".

Moving onto much nicer matters, there's also a skunk xweetok. And it's lovely. A touch dark perhaps, reminiscent of that phase shadow pets went through for a while, but that's hardly catastrophic. The white markings are very pleasingly placed, the grey inner ears are good, it doesn't have randomly green eyes...

My only quibble is with the colour of the ruff. I think it would look nice if it were in some way delineated from the rest of the body. A very slightly darker shade of grey would look rather fetching - I suspect they did try white and found it a bit blinding. But that's really a pretty minor detail.

A fraction of the price and immeasurably better looking. Funny how these things work out.

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