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Archive for October 2008:

Halloween Gnorbu

The early Halloween pets were almost always a regular Neopet, dressed up in a costume; in contrast later Halloween pets were the actual creature. Post customisation, the rule is firmly costumes and yet the results have not been as dumbed down as we might have expected- the Flotsam, Bori and Poogle have all retained an element of scariness.

However, the Gnorbu is very much more cartoonish and silly, perhaps in line with the species' intended personality. The "deformed hunchback" idea has been used already with the Wocky, but arguably done better. Most glaring is the orange hair, something which shouts so obviously that perhaps I should have written about it first. If this is intended to be an allusion to Quasimodo then perhaps it is warranted, but I'm not sure that trying to make a Gnorbu look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame was a very good idea in the first place if that was the artist's intention. To me, the result is rather like a llama-camel cross with rags tied on.

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