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Archive for April 2009:

Spotted and Jelly Lupe

The Spotted Lupe looks similar to an African Wild Dog. The pattern is cool and original. Much like the Spotted Tuskaninny (before the revamp gave Tuskaninnys a strange pose) it uses natural colours to good effect.

The Jelly Lupe looks pretty sweet as well. It's actually pretty transparent and has a nice shine.

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Gold and Strawberry Cybunnies

I have never really liked gold pets that much. The idea of a gold statue for a pet has never appealed to me, and coloured lineart is also not something I find particularly attractive in general. The new Gold Cybunny has much more obvious and heavy lineart than many gold pets, which does make it look a lot less statue-like. It is not so heavily highlighted and isn't nearly as shiny as many other gold pets, too. Also, the ruff and the lighter ear parts are much more like fur than solid gold. The overall effect is that of a gold-coloured Cybunny rather than a Cybunny made of solid gold. I prefer this, but it does not fit as well with the precedent set by previous gold pets, and will disappoint some.

Strawberry is suddenly a popular colour again for newly released pets (this is the sixth since customisation began, with 12 already existing before). Some of them have been rather nice, with an imaginative use of leaves and the very cute collar on the Aisha. The best the Strawberry Cybunny can do is a leafy tail which is mostly obscured by its body. Something which bothers me, because I am pedantic like that, is that the seeds are rather irregularly splatted on, rather than in the more orderly placement of a real strawberry's seeds.

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Chocolate and Split Kougra

The Chocolate Kougra is somewhat impressive, with a nice three-dimensional look to most of the chocolate dripping, except the tail, which is oddly flat. The inner lining of the ear is waffle-like while the tail has a nice whip cream and sprinkle tip. The whip cream and cherry on its head might be overdoing it a wee bit, though.

Split is... er... split. It's the usual orange and purple deal, though the tail has a nice purple segment to it showing the artist took into account how the tail might face. The two colours don't clash horribly, but since only one side is facing us its a bit hard to tell...

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