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Archive for May 2009:

Desert and Speckled Yurble

The Desert Yurble is more original in its approach than some desert pets, although the jury's out on whether the headdress and scarf/veil thing around its neck actually look good or not- certainly the Yurble looks odd without its usual mane. The base colour used is a more mustardy yellow rather than the more usual light tan brown colour used for desert pets. The cloth around its bottom half looks rather like a long ribbon as opposed to the folds of cloth which would make more sense. Overall, it's interesting, but not spectacular.

Speckled is quite ordinary, going back to the usual evenly spaced, variably sized splots of white. The solid coloured mane is a nice contrast, and prevents the pet from looking too busy and messy- compare to the Speckled Eyrie, where the speckled ruff is rather ugly. Because Yurbles also have a solid coloured belly, it is perhaps on the plainer side compared to most speckled pets; however the overall effect is simple and natural. The biggest problem is that it seems to be missing its tail...

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Darigan and Ice Koi

The latest Kois are out and they're... well... different... Ice is shiny and not too bad for Ice, I suppose. Darigan took the idea of a 'lionfish' a bit too literally and gave the poor thing a mane as well as horns and back spines. The effect is not generally threatening.

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Orange and Snow Moehogs

In general, the shade of orange used for Orange Neopets is quite a peachy, almost pinky shade, and not one that I find particularly pleasing to look at. The shade used for the Orange Moehog is, in my opinion, a much nicer and more natural shade, being much closer to brown. It fits a pet which I could easily see wallowing in mud.

Snow is more odd: where has that green grass come from in the middle of winter to make its mohawk? It seems far too verdant for such a wintery colour, and it is not the sort of greenery I associate with evergreen trees and shrubs, or snowmen for that matter. The carrot tusks are interesting, I am not sure that they work very well (even the most wonky homegrown carrots I have seen are not quite that wonky!), but it is good at least that the artist made an effort to do something interesting with them. Although its eyes and feet have been made black (the feet rather unnecessarily, I think), there is a notable lack of coal, and perhaps a recognisably large lump of coal could have been used for its eyes. The resulting pet seems rather lacklustre and half hearted as far as Snow pets go.

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Tyrannian ogrin

It seems that Neopets will be releasing a Tyrannian Ogrin for Tyrannian Day. The poor creature seems to be suffering from a severe case of multiplespeciesality - it seems the artist couldn't decide which creature to use and so put stripes, spots, and -for good measure - a pair of fangs. Given that the Ogrin looks like a herbivore, the fangs are particularly strange-looking, unless they're supposed to be some form of mesonychid, which would be strange, especially given their body shape...

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Halloween and Speckled Hissi

The current "rules" for Halloween pets seem to be a return to the precedent set by the original Halloween pets from many years ago- the pet wears a costume, rather than actually being the creature. In the context of customisation, this makes a lot of sense. It has, however, led to some pets becoming rather tamer than they might have been. The new Halloween Hissi is an exception to this: though it wears a costume, it is not tame and cuddly. The bone mask and spine/body sections are very effective, though the wings are rather bulky and lessen the scariness of the sinister skeleton ribs. The base is somewhat odd and doesn't complement the bones as well as it might; though the acidic neon green eyes are a nice touch. It will be interesting to see crosspainted Hissi wearing the bones on a different coloured base.

The Speckled Hissi is almost not immediately recognisable as such, with a very different kind of speckling compared to other speckled pets. The effect is rather like spray paint or a light dusting of snow, with some denser areas of white and a few very small speckles- quite a contrast to the every definite spots on other speckled pets. The base green looks a bit more saturated than usual, too, and not as pretty a shade of green. However, the result is quite natural and doesn't look as silly as, say, the Speckled Eyrie.

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