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Archive for June 2009:

Zombie and Jelly Acara

Zombie looks appropriately undead, with creepy eyes, stitches, and pale colouring. It is lacking in clothes, though this may change by the time they are officially released. The Jelly Acara is a nice shade of green. Its eyes currently look odd, and it's missing its horns but these are likely to change by the time it's released.

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Speckled and Mutant Kau

The Speckled Kau is very nice, the white is quite natural-looking against the green and probably stands with the Spotted Kau in terms of realism. The Mutant Kau continues the Cthulhu theme present in both the Mutant Peophin and Mutant Yurble. Scary? Yes. Well drawn? Yes. A bit too busy? Well yes, but the overall awesomeness of the whole can make up for that easily.

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Darigan and Strawberry Nimmo

The Darigan Nimmo looks like it's really trying to be evil, but its mouth looks a bit too much like a Venus flytrap to me. There's not much I can say about Strawberry. I mean it's red and green and has seeds (though they're barely visible)... The top of it's head has a strawberry-like leaf and stem.

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Robot and Sponge Quiggles

Neither one of these colours has been done in a while. To me they both look a bit monochromatic, but to a devoted Quiggle owner, they could be quite the catch. The Robot Quiggle's insides do have an interesting look to them. I wish that Sponge were still flat, since otherwise the holes look a bit odd.

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Silver and Snot Jubjubs

Two shiny JubJubs for JubJub day... and neither of them are appealing colours.

The Silver JubJub is rather odd looking- it just looks faded, like it's been left out in the sun too long. it does have the shine, but otherwise it looks like a ghosted out image. It fails to look like a three dimensional creature, being neither a silver statue nor a silver coloured animal. To be fair, it is hard to make a pet that is really only a fluffball with feet work properly when the colour is meant to look like metal, but I think the Gold JubJub did do a bit better.

The Snot JubJub is particularly hard to review, because I find snot pets somewhat repulsive. It has at least managed to be gooey and gungy and drippy. But its feet are such an odd dark green colour that isn't very snotty at all.

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