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Archive for July 2009:

Darigan and Electric Ruki

The Darigan Ruki looks unfortunately Tyrannian thanks to its colouration and neck ruff. On closer inspection it actually looks pretty interesting, though a slightly different base colour may have been helpful. Electric is pretty standard for that color with it's light blue streaks on darker blue body. The streaks have an symmetry to them that could be either interesting or annoying, depending on your point of view.

If you wish to place of your point of view, you may do so here.

Camouflage and Speckled Peophins

Most people who have played Neopets for a while know that the Peophin is an underwater creature. Even someone looking at a picture of a Peophin for the first time could guess from the mermaid tail that they would live underwater. Why, then, did the artist decide it would be a good idea to choose earthy brown colours for the Peophin to camouflage with?

Putting aside issues with the choice of colours, the way they were applied to the Peophin's body does not seem to have had much thought put into it. Instead of following the contours of its body, they are simply blobbed on. Not only that, but the contrast between the colours is much greater than in most camo pets, and the result is not at all attractive. Perhaps the artist felt that the Camouflage Peophin could not look too much like the Camouflage Flotsam. Even if this is the case, a more suitable choice of colours and body pattern could surely have been found?

The Speckled Peophin is what the Camouflage should have been: subtle. No garish old-school polka dots for this pet. The effect is rather pleasing, I think, with the white socks on its front legs (a nice horsy touch) and also the denser white area on the end of its tail. I'm not so sure about the white on the tips of its head fins: I'm used to simply ignoring these, so having them made obvious is a little disconcerting. The patches of small speckles on the body and the darker mane work well, too.

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Finally, apologies for the misspelling on the front page: as TNT wrote "Camoflauge", our system displays this. Until TNT corrects their spelling mistake, it will remain incorrect.

Shadow and Zombie Kiko

Kikos received two really cool colours this year. The Shadow Kiko has a lovely shade of dark blue for its eyes and bandage that goes well with its black body. The Zombie Kiko looks appropriately creepy with souless eyes,decaying skin, and ragged clothing.

Further conversation on the Kikos can be had here.

Ice and Speckled Tuskaninnies

I have never been a great fan of Ice pets, but I quite like the Ice Tuskaninny. The artist has captured the shininess and translucency well (although ice sculptures are never that blue, but then it would be awfully hard to do it any other way). The angular face and the suggestion of angular carving on the body is a nice touch, and they made an effort with the tail, too- though I'm not sure it really worked, because it doesn't look like real icicles which are much more rounded.

Speckled has often been the poor cousin of Spotted and for the Tuskaninny that certainly is the case and always was going to be since the Spotted Tuskaninny came out. Still, it is by no means the worst Speckled pet (which surely has to be the Eyrie). The lighter coloured muzzle with freckles, the decreasing size of spots on the tail and the touches of more solid white on its hair all work very nicely. The shading on its belly does not work for me, though, and the effect is rather like a speckled loincloth of some sort.

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Gold and Zombie Ixi

The Ixi made out really well on their special day. The Gold is very nicely coloured in and has very good use of shininess. Zombie just rocks over all. It's appropriately creepy, has nice clothing, and might even be showing a bit of bone. Feel free to add your own comments here.

Camouflage and Darigan Flotsam

Maybe not exactly new news, but better than skipping. The Camouflage and Darigan Flotsams both look very delightful. The Camouflage looks exactly like what one might expect something in the sea to have and the Darigan just kicks it with spikes and a very 'edgy' look. The yellow and black combo work very well on it.

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Glowing Blumaroo and Moehog

An unexpected bonus in Wednesday's news for fans of glowing pets- if there are any... The acid shade of green used is particularly eye-hurting and it is a colour which has very few memorable pets and a lot of very patchy executions. Some pets have a glowing aura, and some do not- these included. The glowing aspect is rather muted, though they do better than the Kiko and Tonu.

They are really rather flat in terms of shading, too, and the lack of an aura or any highlights is a factor in this. I would go as far as saying that these look more like a Highlighter Pen Blumaroo and Moehog than actually glowing.

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