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Archive for October 2009:

Halloween Chomby

The newest addition to the Halloween line-up on Neopets is the Halloween Chomby. Now this pet has a pretty good idea - a nice cape, a cool skull, cracked spikes on its back, and some bandages and a seemingly ghost-like base all work nicely. The only odd part is a black and red striped tail, which looks out of place. Unfortunately this and the wrappings seem to be part of the actual base and cannot be altered or removed. In total, barring the tail, the effect is quite nice, though for some reason I'm reminded of Mum-Ra the Everliving crossed with the Creature from the Black Lagoon...
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White and Zombie Korbats

It never made much sense to me that basic Korbats had white bodies and only the wings were coloured. In theory, a White Korbat should be very boring because of this, but it actually looks pretty, albeit simple. The grey-blue shading is much my preferred colour (as opposed to a more turquoise shade of blue, or cream) and gives it a crispness reminiscent of ice or snow. I think it would be the perfect Korbat for dressing up- uncomplicated and will look good wearing almost any colour of clothing.

Zombie is, by definition, much more detailed- in fact, in its small version, it's hard to make out much of it. In the larger version, some neat little things become more visible: the scars, especially the one down the centre of the head; the tattered wings and the outfit, complete with waistcoat and bow tie. The biggest problem for me is that the Korbat is very cute, and this pet is too cute to be a zombie. Compared to earlier Zombie pets, the Korbat's eyes are very small, and it is mostly the eyes that make the pet look more deranged and scary. Perhaps the eyebrows could have been positioned differently, or the fangs made more prominent. Other than that, it is a very good Zombie pet.

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Desert and Sketch Jetsams

The Desert Jetsam uses a nice shade of red for the base and has some nice gold accessories, but the turban on its head looks really, really weird. It almost seems as though the dorsal magically pokes through it just enough to still be there, yet logically more of it should be shown (or at least they should have drawn a hole) - or it shouldn't be shown at all. The Sketch is odd-looking as well. Though the sketch is still cyan, there is an odd reddish tint to the base, almost as if they simply took a Red Jestsam and lowered the opacity for it and then put the 'sketch' over it. Other thoughts may be said here.

Electric and Grey Bori

Electric has been a popular colour since customisation- this Bori is the tenth. Generally, they have been quite ordinary, sometimes with the odd niggling flaw. I think the Electric Bori has been done very well: the darker shade of blue used for the shell and claws is very pretty; and the use of a light grey blue instead of the harsh light blue for its chest is a good choice, allowing the light blue bolts to really stand out against the mid blue coat. The only complaint I have is that the eye colour wasn't changed- though it is not consistent whether Electric coloured pets do have a different eye colour.

Grey is far more difficult. The scope for expression is much smaller now that no pets are reposed, so that although we no longer have the hideously ugly and clay-like grey pets of the past, they are almost uniformly dull or worse.We can be grateful that the Grey Bori falls into the "dull" and not "or worse"- it is not a caricature of a depressed pet and neither does it look stoned. However, it only looks mildly fed up, rather than sad. The colours chosen were good, with very little use of the maroon which plagues grey pets inappropriately (the Grey Elephante, for example). In short, it's close to the best we could expect a Grey pet to be.

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Halloween Eyrie

So TNT decided to release the second Eyrie colour - Halloween - late (or early as the case may be). The Halloween Eyrie does not disappoint, it has a black body with a skeletal overlay, even on part of the wings. The wings also have a spiderweb design which look very cool too. I suspect the base color is similar to Shadow but with different eyes, which could make this a nice year-round pet. Other thoughts on the newest Eyrie can be posted here.

Checkered Eyrie

Apparently Eyries are only getting one new colour on their special day and that colour is Checkered. Now Checkered is one of those patterned colours that always leaves me scratching my head when I see it. I mean unless the pet is going to the races or is laying still so you can play checkers or chess on it, I'm really not sure I see the point. To me the colour is not incredibly interesting, but other opinions on the matter may be given here.

Camouflage and Snot Grarrls

Another pet day, another new take on Camouflage. Today it's the turn of the Grarrl, a pet which I find very hard to like, and it didn't get any easier post-customisation. When I first saw it, I thought of Christmas. There have been some good examples of Camouflage- the lush greens of the Acara and the appropriately sandy desert shades for the Elephante. Equally, there have been some less successful executions, where the camouflage pattern is rather blobby and the contrast between the colours is not subtle enough.

Sadly, the Grarrl falls in the latter category. It is hard to know where it would be camouflaged- had the white and tan been orange and rust colours, it would have looked more like the magma from the Grarrl's Tyrannian homeland; it would also have had more potential for being attractive to look at. As much as a Grarrl can look attractive, anyway.

Snot pets usually make me feel sick. The Snot Grarrl is no exception, so from this I can conclude it has probably succeeded in being snotty enough, without me actually having to look at it for more than a few seconds.

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