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Archive for November 2009:

Shadow and Maraquan Usul

Shadow is not usually an interesting colour, but with the Shadow Usul looks pretty nifty. For those of you who've been wanting a purple bow for your Purple Usul this colour will give you one. The dark colouration works well with the purple ruffle and bow. The eyes are an oddly light blue but seem to stand out for it.

Those who may remember the Maraquan Poogle need not fear a repeate: the Maraquan Usul is both brilliant and gorgeous. The idea of a snail is executed very well here with a really well done shell and subtle colours on body and ruff that work together well. Even the antennae look pretty.

There's still the random fist-o'-doom (even more random on the Maraquan, given Maraquans can't wear clothes) but other than that I think both of these colours are well executed. If you have any other thoughts (or praises to sing) please give them here.

Ice and Silver Pteris

The last three Pteri colours have been really quite detailed and in the case of the Mutant, very elaborate. Today's colours are much plainer, and not ones that are particularly interesting.

The artists drawing Ice don't seem to be able to come to a conclusion about exactly what features they should have- light blue and shiny is the easy bit, but the texture of the ice varies. Some have a crackly effect, like the Acara and Shoyru, others are very angular or blocky like the Lupe or Quiggle. The Pteri looks like the artist decided to go down the angular blocky route, and then gave up partway through. There is a very odd line across its head, suggestive of cranial surgery, and some other lines suggesting angles on the sides of the head and across the body. But the rounded outlines still persist, and the result is a contradiction. Not only that, but the tail is just too improbable- if it was real ice and that thin, it wouldn't be able to support the weight of the end.

SIlver is very ordinary, though the shading has been careful, with appropriate highlights for shininess; the desaturated appearance of the JubJub has been avoided also. The overall result is still dull, however, and the chest fluff out of place on a pet supposed to be sculpted from metal. In short, two very uninspiring Pteris this year.

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