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Archive for December 2009:

Snow and Desert Ogrin

Thanks to the long holiday the Ogrin came out a bit late. For all that the two colours are an interesting choice. Snow is, of course, entirely appropriate for this time of year (at least in the northern hemisphere). They seem to have taken a leaf (or maybe I should say leaves) from the Snow Peophin without the addition of the random snow splotch. The eyes, however, are lumps of coal that just look a bit weird and creepy.

The Desert Ogrin is an interesting choice for a second colour, given that the Lost Desert is almost the opposite of any sort of snowy environment. The browns are nicely subdued and the overall clothing is pretty neat. The headband, however, seems oddly shaped to me, looking almost like like modern captain's hat (if unusually coloured).

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Christmas Chomby

Just in time for the holidays, TNT has released the newest Christmas pet - the Christmas Chomby. This is one of the cuter Christmas pets, with a nice white base and a cool holly pattern design. It has candy-cane striped spikes and a nice holiday wreath. It's a very nice combination, and thankfully not too over the top. It does, however, bring to mind the 'My Little Pony' series. I suppose on Neopia this would be 'My Little Chomby'. Other thoughts and comments may be made here.

New Magma colour

Breaking news! TNT have released the Magma colour at The Rainbow Pool for everyone to see. It appears that the colour will be available from The Magma Pool but it is not known what you need to do to use it. In the meantime, it is possible to get Magma pets from the lab (but not, as yet, from the Rainbow Fountain).

It is completely unprecedented for a colour to be released for all species upon introduction- and perhaps not a wise move given that some species are running out of colours for their pet days. However, it may tie in with the Magma Pool and make it necessary for all species to be available in Magma.

Magma pets will shortly be arriving on the Neocolours database and we hope to bring further reviews soon.

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Biscuit Wocky

I'm sure many a Wocky fan was very disappointed when seeing the news for Wocky day: only one colour, and Biscuit at that. Of all the remaining colours for Wockies (and there are quite a lot) Biscuit was not what we were expecting. Many will have been hoping for Maraquan, Tyrannian. Zombie or Mutant (more on that later, though).

It's been a long time since the last Biscuit pet- the Kau is the most recent at nearly 18 months ago. All existing Biscuit pets are themed around chocolate chip cookies- if you're going to give it the British name, you might as well use a good old British biscuit like the custard cream or bourbon. Except that chocolate chip is probably easier. Anyway, the Wocky looks very much like all the rest- thoroughly unremarkable.

Going back to Mutant: it appears from the site news in some languages (Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch) that there will be a Mutant Wocky, although it is not released yet- a quick trip to the Rainbow Fountain where I have an unused FFQ and a lab pet currently in the form of a Wocky makes that pretty certain. So, watch this space. Hopefully it will appear on Monday.

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Strawberry and Chocolate Bruce

Strawberry, Chocolate, but no Vanilla. Ah well. The Strawberry Bruce is a bit too red for my tastes. While I understand it's supposed to look like a strawberry, I think a cream-coloured (or lighter pink) tummy would have made it look better. On the plus side we have a nifty looking bow. The stem on the head also looks pretty cool, especially with the flower.

The Chocolate Bruce has a nice mixture of candy-corn feet and whip-cream hairdo (even if the sprinkles look a little odd). The dark chocolate bow is very nice. For the rest of the body, the Chocolate Bruce looks like a slightly darker, melted version of Brown (some drizzling could have helped with this). Other thoughts or opinions may be posted here.

Desert and Speckled Xweetoks

The Xweetok, being a newer species, has many colours not yet released for it. There are bound to have been Xweetok owners hoping for Royal, Christmas, Maraquan or Zombie, and also folks hoping for some good paintbrush clothing to zap for.

Desert would always be a difficult colour to do for Xweetoks: the crouching pose does not lend itself to the traditional Desert accessories. The loincloth in particular is hard enough to do nicely on a pet standing on two legs, and it really has not worked on the Xweetok; also the back of it is brown and blends into the rest of the Xweetok (it is difficult to see even on the larger image, it is easier to see the intended garment in its item picture: here on Jellyneo). But at least it can be removed. The earring is difficult to see (and seems to be on only one ear) and the bracers also do not stand out enough. Other Desert pets use a wide colour palette, but the Xweetok's seems to have been limited to the detriment of the pet. On a single positive note, the eye makeup is very pretty- unfortunately, it is not removable.

Moving onto Speckled, a colour that has very little expectation from Neopians, but is sometimes surprisingly pretty (the Kau, for example) and often very dull. There is no recent precedent for originality in Speckled (the one pet that deviates from the white-on-green norm is the Usul, which was drawn many years ago and updated in the same form for Customisation) and so it was always unlikely a real animal coat would inspire the Speckled Xweetok. However, the pet we did get is not bad given the constraint of the established colour palette- the ruff, mane and tail are solid coloured, showing lessons have been learnt from the terrible spotted ruff off the Eyrie. The differently sized speckles and the solid white patches on the forepaws are nice, but the solid white face is less attractive- it appears more like a paint splat than speckles.

Overall, from a list of many promising potential colours, Xweetok day will not have lived up to expectations. By far and away the prettiest way of changing your Xweetok's appearance would be to spend your Neopoints on the new clothing, which is much more attractive than either of the new colours.

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