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Archive for January 2010:

Biscuit and Zombie Kacheeks

After a very lacklustre Biscuit Aisha, the Biscuit Kacheek goes back to the usual chocolate chip approach. The chips on the chest looked rather like a paw print to me when I first saw it, which would have been a little odd, but it is otherwise a fairly standard Biscuit pet. Not exciting, but it does the job.

The Zombie Kacheek captures the colour very well: it is genuinely creepy (which is unusual in a Neopet), though that is mostly the mouth. The dark eyes are different to the other Zombie pets (which are all white with tiny dots for pupils) and the skin is detailed with spots and veins. Its is simple, but also detailed. It is not the sort of pet that I like, however, I think it is a good example of Zombie as a colour.

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Baby Krawk and Baby Lutari

The Krawk: Besides the fact that the baby form ought to, in theory, resemble the petpet they come from, the 'hair' seems strange and the eyes are a bit too large-looking somehow. The overall colouring is okay and the bib and diapers are nice touches, but it looks more like a baby alien lizard than a Baby Krawk to me.

The Lutari: Much like their adult counterparts the Baby Lutari is rather uninspiring. There is something just wrong with the position of their back legs and tail, and the random fist does not help. The head, especially the muzzle, looks really odd. The colour is reminiscent of Red (though it's not too uncommon for Baby pets to share the colours of adults) but still, not very inspiring.

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Silver and Chocolate Elephante

The Silver Elephante did not turn out too badly. It's appropriately shiny and has a nice saturation. There's really not much else to it, though. The Chocolate Elephante is also rather plain. In fact it almost looks like Brown more than Chocolate. The wings have nice toppings and the whip cream and cherry hat is nice, but the body would have benefited from swirls or candy corn toes or similar. Other thought may be made here.

Ghost and Shadow Buzz

After last year's Buzz day colours (Pirate and Snow) this year's look very plain and simple. There were, however, very few potentially interesting colours remaining for the Buzz, so it was to be expected.

Ghost fulfils the most basic requirements of a Ghost pet on Neopets: it has the classic pale blue-grey body and red eyes. There is no ghostly aura (which is potentially problematic when it comes to clothing) and no change in facial expression. It is hard to see how the expression could be changed without it becoming identical to the sad pose- the insect anatomy doesn't lend itself very well to expressive faces.

Shadow is equally basic, but it has never been a complex colour. The Buzz follows the set colour scheme of black body and blue eyes exactly.

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Speckled and Grey Gnorbus

The Speckled Gnorbu turned out very nicely. It has a dark green mane on a medium green body that work together well. They tried really hard to make the speckles themselves look realistic, though the ones towards the muzzle look a bit odd to me. Grey is... well... typically Grey, especially post customization. The basic colors are okay, but aside from the frown there's not a lot to differ it from other Gnorbus. I will, however, give credit for a nicely greasy-looking mane. I've never really understood the dirty pink they also use for the colour. I know it's supposed to remind people of bloodshot eyes from too much crying, but it always makes the pets look like they've just finished doing drugs...

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Biscuit and Custard Aishas

Firstly, I feel that I should apologise: this is not news. We already knew that there were only two colours left for Aishas, and unless one of the species-specific colours was used (like Clay) or a new one was invented for the Aisha (and they already have Alien), we would be getting Biscuit and Custard. And we did.

It seems like the artist given the task of drawing them wasn't thrilled with the prospect either, because there's no evidence of imagination or innovation here. Biscuit is vaguely biscuit coloured, with no decoration or chocolate chips, and Custard is sort of custard coloured, with only the vaguest hint of a gloopy liquid on its body. This is the first Custard pet since Customisation, so it wasn't clear what we should expect. I don't like the oozy, drippy look (but then, food pets have never appealed to me at all) and the Custard Aisha is less horrible than most custard pets, but it's almost just a creamy yellow colourfill, rather defeating the object of having a pet made from custard.

And finally, the icing on the cake: the collars are identical to the basic Aisha collars, so they aren't even worth painting for that. Let's hope that this unpromising start to 2010 is not a precedent for the rest of the year...

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