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Archive for March 2010:

Electric and Zombie Chombies

The Electric Chomby is pretty okay. It's about standard for most Electric colours. The blues work together nicely. It seems to (as of 3/19/10) not be at the Rainbow Pool, though the other colour appears there...

Zombie is pretty cool. The skin looks nicely decayed and the eyes and mouth really add to the overall effect. The shirt is so-so (I'm not personally fond of plaid) bit the sewed bits are interesting. I really wish I could tell if the mouth is very decayed or actually sewn shut...
The spikes on the back have a nice moldy look to them.

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Checkered and Halloween Scorchios

There is something about the Checkered Scorchio which makes it more painful to the eyes than other Checkered pets released since Customisation began. I think it is partly due to the number of body parts on a Scorchio compared to, say, the Moehog and the resulting varying angles of the check pattern. Compared to the Bori and Ruki, the checks are in a higher contrast, which also does not help. The overall effect is not aesthetically pleasing at all.

Halloween, on the other hand, is attractive at first sight- even though I don't generally like Scorchios, my first reaction was very positive. The clothing is well-fitting and will be very popular for double-painting, and the staff is a good use of the fist. The hairy patches on the hands and feet and the oversized eyebrows are a little odd, and I am not sure exactly what Halloween theme the artist was aiming for. The clothing is similar to that of Neovia, and the hair is slightly reminiscent of Bruno. The flesh coloured muzzle adds another anthropomorphic element to the pet, though again, I'm not quite sure what the artist was trying to suggest. Overall, it is an interesting new pet, but the clothing and the staff will probably be of more interest than the pet as a whole.

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Tyrannian and Biscuit Gelert

The Biscuit Gelert seems to have taken a leaf out of the Biscuit Aisha's book and is very plain, almost more like a Sand pet than anything else. There's not much else to say.

The Tyrannian Gelert, by contrast, has a lot going on - wings, thick fur, horns, teeth, claws, a green kilt! It's not bad, exactly, but it is very busy. The body has nice stripes, and the head area looks almost as though the Gelet had been bitten by a werelupe, but in a cool way. The horns, and especially the wings, are a bit baffling. I suppose horns might be more primitive, but Tyrannian isn't like Darigan or Faerie - both of which give wings - and there's not a lot of reasons for the wings to be there.

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Mutant Uni

Many people were calling for a Mutant Uni, and the call was heeded - though not, perhaps, in the way most folks had hoped. The on-going consensus seems to be that the Mutant Uni has very cool features that, illogically, seem to not work together at all. The wings are nicely veined, it has a nice, wild mane, twisted horn, clawed feet, draconian head, and single eye. The latter two features look vaguely like those of a cyodrake. Overall it's probably not the worst or the best Mutant pet out there.

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Jelly Uni

Yet another really dull pet day- made worse by there being only one colour. Just like Wocky day, there is rumoured to be a Mutant coming and images of the transmogrification potion have been found, but only one pet was announced in the news.

The Jelly Uni does not make up for the lack of a second pet. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really bored of the food colours. Still, this is going for the three-in-one option: it can fool you into thinking it's Snot or Glowing instead. Not that either of those colours would be any more inspiring. Compared to other Jelly pets released in the last couple of years, the Uni is more opaque, instead of the translucency which Jelly needs to look realistic. It does have shading and highlights for shininess, but something about it is just not convincing me that it's made of jelly.

If anything, the most interesting Uni day news was the armour clothing items, which work quite well on a quad pet- although I can't work out what's happened to the knee on its right foreleg- why is the knee guard part of the armour twisted around like that?

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