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Archive for April 2010:

Relic and Ice Cybunnies

For Cybunny Day we got the Stone and Relic and Ice Cybunnies. No matter how much Neopets may protest these are not remakes of those two retired colours I think most folks will still see them that way, and not without good reason.

Relic is nicely craggy with bits of an ear missing (possibly due to weathering) and a rough, stony surface. the base is consistent with that of the Shoyru as well as the paintbrush itself. It's hard to say much more about it since it's only the second pet in this particular colour. Perhaps they ought to introduce a Medusa Transducer to help increase the amount of pets in this colour...

Ice is smooth and shiny, though the top tuft was left out. Since it's not the blocky type of Ice, it does lend itself more towards a glassy appearance than anything else. Like with Relic, it's hard to say much more about this pet - it's consistent with other smooth Ice coloured pets and would probably work well for someone who likes Terror Mountain.

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Invisible and Sketch Kougras

The only good thing about invisible pets, as far as I'm concerned, is that it means I only have to review one pet.

Sketch is naturally more interesting, although it is probably one of the dullest pets I have reviewed all year. It has the obligatory post-customisation shading, which does not belong on a Sketch pet, but aside from that it is adequate.

Given the possibilities for Relic, Zombie or even Speckled, this is a very disappointing day for Kougra fans.

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Brown and Desert Lutari

Though not yet at the Rainbow Pool (really, TNT, is it that hard to check and make sure the colours you said were released show up at the Rainbow Pool?!) the Brown and Desert Lutari are making quite a splash, so to speak.

The Brown Lutari is nice for a colour fill. Particularly nice is the white underbelly which is generally lacking in most other brown pets (who tend to have shades of brown instead of pure white). It also helps to emphasize the Lutari-otter connection and those looking for a more naturalistic-looking Lutari will do well with this colour.

Desert is another example of what artists at TNT can do will if they bother to try at all. The base colour seems to be a lighter shade of brown, but has the same nice white underbelly (if the muzzle and tail are any indication) that helps make the Brown Lutari stand out. The clothing is nice and subtle and look like something a merchant or trader might wear. The only thing that really ruins the pose is the fist o' doom which TNT never seems to use.

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Silver and Zombie Krawks

At first glance, there was something bothering me about the Silver Krawk. It didn't take that long for me to compare it with other Silver pets and notice how faint the lineart is. Both Gold and Silver pets have self-coloured lineart, although this wasn't always the case for Silver (but oddly enough, it was for Gold) and I much prefer more obvious lineart on Neopets. Aside from this, it manages to be very shiny; perhaps though the result is more like grey jelly than silver metal.

The Zombie Krawk works very well- the eye in particular is outlined well and the standard pose and expression of the Krawk give it an impressively authentic threatening appearance. The clothing is not as interesting as that of the Buzz or Ixi, but it looks as if it would fit properly (compared to the Grarrl and Pteri). Overall, a very good Zombie pet.

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Grey Ogrin

It's hard to say much about any Grey pet since they are basically colourfills. The expression is appropriately depressing, and the tear is a nice touch. Though I can understand the pinkish colour around the eyes of these pets (red from all that crying), I've never really understood the other reddish or pinkish body parts (such as the stripes here).

The Grey Ogrin does pretty much what any Grey pet is supposed to do - or, at least, as much as a Grey pet can do since the revamp. Other thoughts and opinions may be made here.

Relic and Chocolate Shoyru

I have the strangest feeling of déjà vu with this. I could swear I wrote this news before...

Relic is a nice new colour, and while TNT may deny it was an attempt to revamp the old Stone Paint Brush, I think that most Neopians will see it as such. It's not a bad colour, and will probably be very nice on Skieths. The stony base is a nice touch as are the cracks and similar features.

Chocolate is also a nice colour this time. They took advantage of the Shoyru's belly for drizzle and came up with waffle-wings and a nice topping to boot. There's not too much else to say other than it takes full advantage of the possibilities of Chocolate without going overboard - something that cannot be said for all Chocolate pets.

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