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Archive for June 2010:

Glowing and Zombie Kaus

I don't think anyone expects a lot from Glowing pets, because there really is nothing special or interesting about them: they are neon green and they have a glowing aura. The Glowing Kau follows the formula to the letter. The only problem is the blue eye, which looks rather odd, though it is the usual eye colour for Kaus.

Zombie pets also have a formula, albeit with a little more variety: grey-green skin with mottles, blotches and scars, light green hair/hooves/ears, torn clothing, eyes with a barely visible pupil. All of these are present as usual on the Zombie Kau. The clothing is not very detailed, and it has self-coloured lineart, unlike any other Zombie pet's clothing. I don't know about anyone else, but that kind of thing really bugs me- and I've always preferred black lines, if nothing else, it feels part of the Neopets house style. I think it would have looked better without the stripe markings, too, and perhaps with a different expression- blank, scared or demonic, but not the default mild happy expression which suits the Kau usually but here doesn't really make it look like a convincing zombie.

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Relic and Camouflage Nimmo

Where to begin? Relic works pretty well for what it does, and the Nimmo body really lends itself to the flat stones placed beneath it. I will always have unfortunate thoughts in my head when I see a Nimmo squatting like that, though.

Camouflage is... bright. The colours aren't bad but they seem almost closer to Electric than anything else. There is a bubbly pattern near the base of its body, but I just cannot imagine the colors blending in with normal water (maybe they're camouflaging themselves for Faerieland water). It looks oddly flat, but that seems to be due to the darkened areas not being quite dark enough (there are shadows, but they blend in with the overall colour).

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Desert and Silver Quiggle

Silver is pretty much a colourfill and the Silver Quiggle is pretty much standard. There are bits of shiny on it, and it is a nice, light shade of grey. There's really not much else to say.

The Desert Quiggle, on the other hand, shows what Neopet artists can do when they bother to care. The toga it's waring is very nicely coloured and shaded with a nice little cobral pin and scarab buckle for details. The base colour also works very well, though I am not sure how well the bluish stripes will really work. The eyes with their odd black marks look almost as if it's wearing glasses. The only really odd things are the black and red bracelets. I think gold and blue would have worked much better.

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Desert and Speckled Jubjubs

I've never owned a Jubjub, but I've quite liked them since their feet stopped hiding their faces- they're cute in the most simplistic, big eyed and fluffy sort of way. They don't have many colours remaining, and most of the ones that they haven't got are the newer ones- Camouflage, Relic, Zombie- although it seems amazing that such an odd shaped pet managed to be done in all the colours, and in many cases really quite well (Maraquan and Island, for example). Last year's colours (Silver, which was incredibly faded; and Snot, for which I have no words) were disappointing. Are this year's any better?

Desert was always going to be a little tricky. The result reminded me immediately of Royal, which is probably because a shiny headdress/crown is the most obvious piece of clothing to put on a Jubjub. Less obvious is the loincloth, which is really rather pointless (though removable, I assume). I don't think I like very much how the headdress fits, it looks rather like it will fall off at any moment. It also has the eye make-up which has become usual for Desert pets.

Speckled is an interesting subtle departure from the usual colourscheme. The base shade of green is much paler than the usual shades used, and the feet are even paler. Speckled used to be a very boring colour, but recently there have been some more inspired examples like the Kau. This, unfortunately, is a return to the usual dull 'spots randomly all over a green base' formula. Why are the feet not in a darker shade like the Kau's hooves? And why has it got ugly orange eyebrows which clash with the other colours? Fortunately the usual blue eye colour goes quite nicely. I find it hard to imagine how Desert could have been done better, unless they broke with the formula completely and went for something totally original. But Speckled could have been so much prettier with relatively little effort or imagination.

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Faerie Skeith

To be honest, I would have expected this in September for the Faerie Festival. It's not bad. Some people have pointed out that the wings resemble those of a Techo, but I think they work pretty well on the Skeith body. And, while the resemblance is there, (really, TNT, leaving the top yellow instead of turning it blue?) they are a bit more colorful overall. Their antennae are also similar to those of the Techo, but again they are different enough to work a bit better.

The light blue body works really well here, though the purple splotches on the arms look a bit odd. The greens of the spikes and the purple in the ears also work well with this pet. To me, the fist o' doom that is the bane of so many other pets actually works very well for the Skeith, who tend to have something of a 'tough' reputation. Other thoughts may be made here.