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Archive for July 2010:

Royal Hissi

Unexpectedly, the Hissi got tyhe Royal treatment. Both of them have very nice accessories. The Royalboy has a large crown, cape, and armor that could probably go well on any other Hissi base colour. Speaking of which, the Royalboy's base colour looks very similar to basic Blue, but they do try to make up for it by giving him bushy eyebrows (which look a bit silly) and 'whiskers' (which work out well enough, I suppose).

The Royalgirl has an interesting base colour. It looks like purple but in reality is indigo. If you want to see how I know it's indigo and not purple, try looking at your monitor from a different angle and she'll seem to turn blue. Monitors do not like indigo and will make it look either purple or blue.
Her accessories are very nice, though they do make me think of a harem dancer. The European-stlye crown on her head is a bit off-putting (the same applies to Royalboy), but it's pretty and would likely be nice for any other base Hissi that could wear it.

If there are two bones of contention here they would be that the Hissi are not in some MesoAmerican royal garb (as one might expect) and that their wing-hands are empty of sceptars that could easily have been placed there.

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Zombie and Orange Ruki

It's always difficult finding anything interesting to say about a colourfill like the Orange Ruki. It does what would be expected without being blinding or similarly off-putting (unless you simply don't like the colour orange). There are darker orange places that work pretty well, but that's about it. It's a nice coloufill, but it's a colourfill nonetheless.

Zombie is a more interesting colour. It has the usual cadaverous grey colouration with slightly darker parts where Ruki normally are darker anyway. You can even see a bit of veining on the back wings in the full version. The shirt and shoe are okay, but they somehow don't quite scream 'undead' to me; I much prefered the Neovian style of dress since it could show moldiness and tattering well. The eyes are very nice and creepy. If there are problems they lay in the fact that the mouth looks like it's smiling (and I'm not sure that was the intended effect) and there's only one shoe, which looks a bit odd.

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Chocolate and Woodland Peophins

The Peophin is probably one of a few pets that made out better after the revamp, and this shows in nearly every colour they get.

Chocolate can be a pretty colour when an artist tries, and here you can see the artist actually cared. Rather than the usual drizzle, the Chocolate Peophin is marbled with white chocolate in interesting places. The marbling effect is nicely swirly and adds elegance. The tail is a darker shade of brown for a 'dipped in chocolate effect'. There's the standard whipped cream with cherry on top as part of the mane, but it works pretty well, especially since it has nice sprinkles. The use of a dark chocolate faceplate instead of the usual gold is nice too. If I were to niggle, I'd say the tail should have been darker to make its dipping more obvious and that the entire mane should probably have been in whipped cream (or, at least, some different colour than the body), but these are minor niggles for an otherwise nice color.

Woodland is only the second to appear, and it does not disappoint. The use of multicoloured leaves for a mane was a really good idea, and the small twigs off the shoulder and tail add to the effect. The body has a nice, grainy appearance to it with good use of lines to give an elegant flow. The browns used are significantly different than those of Chocolate or Brown. There are a couple areas where dents appear which add to the realistic effect. If there is anything a bit off, it's the use of the standard faceplate instead of something more leafy. This is a minor thing, though, especially if it can be removed.

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Royal Kikos

It's hard to imagine a bigger difference than that between the Shadow and Grey Tuskaninnies and the Royal Kikos.

Now, I'm a huge fan of Greek and Roman mythology, so I must admit that seeing Zeus and Hera (or Jupiter and Juno, depending on myth) was kind of interesting. I mean, you can't get much more royal than the king and queen of the gods!

Royalboy is impressive as the king of gods. The laural crown, toga, and (especially) lightning bolt are all very nice touches. The hair and beard work out pretty well too. The base body may be basic white (more or less), but there's enough on it to make up for this.

Royalgirl is okay as the queen of the gods. Her crown, sceptar, and toga are all very nice, but while the Royalboy artist went with naturally colored hair on a basic white body, the Royalgirl artist seemed to decide that pink on pink would be a good idea. It isn't. Frankly the Altador heroine-clothed white Kiko in the news looks like a better match. It would be intersting to see how those two clothing types could be mixed, though.

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Grey and Shadow Tuskanniny

Um... I'm really not sure what to say about the two new Tuskanniny colours. Both of them are basic colourfills and both do the job that's required of them. Neither are particularly hideous nor are they particularly pretty they simply are.

The use of darkish pink for the hair, eyes, and nose of the Grey Tuskanniny keep it from being too monotone, but the expression looks more worried than sad to me. Similarly, the use of purplish hair and nose and the brown eyes and dark grey muzzle help to keep the Shadow Tuskanniny from being too monotonous.

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Biscuit and Strawberry Ixi

The artist(s) who did the Ixi this year certainly did a good job. Biscuit has nicely different colouring for the light and dark areas. It has a nice use of chocolate bits as well, the horns and hooves work well and it has enough that it's clearly based on a chocolate chip biscuit. The minty green eyes stand out in a nice way.

Strawberry is also very nicely done. The red is not too saturated and the use of pink in lighter areas works very well. The greens here also work well with the red and pink. The leafy collar and the cute tip on its head are very pretty additions and, if they can both be removed, could work very well on any other Ixi body type.

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Jelly and Chocolate Flotsams

The Jelly Flotsam is In fact I'd go so far to say it is a bit too pink. It seems to lack any sort of transluctance though, once it gets put at the Rainbow Pool and a larger image can be gotten, it may prove otherwise. Still, it looks very, very similar to the Pink Flotsam, and I think the artist could have been a bit more creative.

The Chocolate Flotsam, on the other hand, is pretty. The all-over brown colour makes it look like it is real chocolate. The use of drizzles is good and adds a nice decadance to it, while the sprinkles on its head are a nice touch. I have only minor niggles with this, in that a lighter chocolate belly might have been interesting, as might have a candy corn horn. But, again these are very, very minor things, and the colour itself looks very, very nice.

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Woodland and Strawberry Acara (late)

My appologies, I was on vacation and just got back yesterday.

I'll start with Strawberry, since that's an older type of colour. The artist did a really great job on this. The red may be a bit bright in places, but overall it is pretty and the seeds look natural. The greens used are darker and work well with the red. The stalk on top is just too cute and I would love it if it were removable.

Woodland is a new colour and boy does it look gorgeous! Besides actually having a very decent amount of shading, it also has a nice wood grain appearance to it. The little brancges sticking out in different places are a very cool addition as well (especially the one in back that looks like a tail). I do wish they had placed a few on the side facing out, but this is a minor niggle.

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