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Archive for August 2010:

Camouflage and Snow Kyrii

The Camouflage Kyrii looks really nice. There are subtle darker spots reminscent of a giraffe's. It actully looks like it could hide in a forest somewhere pretty easily (unlike some Camouflage pets that have very odd colourations). These colours work well with the brown mane, tail and eyes and give the pet a really nice look overall.

Snow is -er- snowy. It has the usual cyan outlines and markings. It's slate-grey eyes are really damatic, though. If I were to niggle I'd argue that it should have had the dead leaves for its mane and tail similar to the Snow Peophin (sans the odd snowball), but otherwise this pet colour does what it's supposed to.

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Mutant Ogrin

Hmmm.... okaaaaay... Apparently TNT decided to make up for the recent colourfills by creating something wholly unique in the Mutant Ogrin. It's hard to know where to start on this pet since there's so much going on.

The face is goat-like, which seems appropriate for the Ogrin as a base. The three huge alien eyes are also not too bad, and ther horns and head spikes are a nice touch - helping to add to the 'alien goat' feel of the face. The random spiked tentacles seem to stand in lieu of the more 'normal' ear tufts. I'm really not sure they work here, but since they did something similar for the Yurble, I suppose it works. I'm not sure they should have been such a wildly different colour than the rest of the head, though.

Speaking of wildly coloured, the body is a crazy medly of colours with the dark pink on dark blue body and green and red striped chest tuft. The tail has a huge tuft of similar colours, which I suppose are meant to unite it. I'm not sure about the gecko-like fore feet and more cervine back feet--one or the other would probably have been better. Then again, it's not like I can say Neopets didn't try to create something that stands out.

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Electric and Tyrannian Grundos

The Electric Grundo is pretty nice. The medium blue body is very eye-pleasing and the cyan bolts, toenails and (especially) eyes stand out nicely against it. There's not too much else to say, though I had initially wondered if there were even lighter bolts in the eyes. On more closer viewing there do not seem to be, but their electric blue color is very outstanding.

The Tyrannian Grundo has more going on. The light tan base and medium tan markings do make the pet look a bit like Biscuit but most Tyrannians tend to have various browns on them, so I'm not sure it's all that out of place. The claws on the feet and pointy teeth are a nice touch, though I'm not sure what to make of the horn on it's face. The eyes are nice and dark and the thick brow ridges work well, at least for me.

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Silver and Jelly Meerca

TNT has once again done two colours that are, basically, colourfills. This leaves me in a spot because, while both are nice enough in their own way, there's not all that much to say about them.

Silver has a nice use of various greys to convey the idea; darker sections and lighter sections create the right type of metallic suggestion, though it may be a bit too suggestive in some places, giving the overall appearance a more 'liquid' seeming. This 'liquid' appearance is not bad, and may even be very attractive to some. At least it doesn't look like a grey statue of a Meerca, anyway.

Jelly also has nice uses of various shades to get the point across. It really looks like something that could have come out of a jelly mould of some kind. To be honest I could see this being a lime-flavoured treat in some odd Neopet jelly candy snacks or similar. It's not very transparent, though I'm not sure this is necessarily a bad thing.

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Skunk and Woodland Blumaroos

The Skunk Blumaroo is pretty nice overall. The very dark grey they chose to use works pretty well and the whitish ears and nose also work well with the long stripe. There's not too much more to say about this colour. It does the job it's supposed to. It's neither spectacularly amazing nor spectacularly horrible.

Woodland looks very pretty and uses the woodgrain to good advantage (I'm personally glad they cose not to do some kind of spiral on the belly). Oddly the leaves on the head do not seem to work quite as well on this pet as they do on others. I think it's because they used too few or their arrangement makes it look like someone did a bad pruning job on the poor thing's head. That aside it's still a decent colour overal.

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