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Archive for September 2010:

Transparent and Strawberry Skeiths

Wow! A new colour! Well I'll get to that a bit later (because I'm evil MWAHAHAHA *coughs* - er, yeah).

Strawberry is okay. They did a nice job making the seeds curve around the body and the use of the duller greens for the tail tip, spikes, outer wings and inner ears is a nice touch. I do think they could have used a more subtle shade of red, though, and maybe fewer seeds. It's kind of blinding to look at for too long. I think they missed an opportunity to give the Skeith a nice five o' clock shadow of seeds. Overall it's not the worst Strawberry pet ever, but it's certainly not one of the better ones either.

Transparent is... wow. I mean it's really, really nice. At first I thought it was Halloween, then I remembered that the Skeiths already had Halloween. Neopets did a really fantastic job with this. You can see through to the bones and even some organs inside the body. You don't see the muscles, but that's probably for the best. There is a bit of silliness with the bones in the ears but, then again, it is a Neopet, not a real animal - who am I to judge such anatomy? I really like the 3-D effect that the front legs produce over the tail area. Overall I think this is one of the better Neopet colours. I hope they'll keep up the good work.

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Faerie Lutari

Surprisingly the Faerie Lutari looks really nice. I wonder if the shock of a nice-looking Lutari and a new colour of Lutari not on Lutari Day has not caused the petrification. Sort of like a cold day somewhere very warm.

Anyway, the light green base is very pretty and I like the matching cyan. The marks on the body look almost like fire markings with their swirls, and I like the flowing wings. The green areas on them have little white sparkles in them, and the purple outline is nice.

It's hard to make out the tail due to the wings, but it looks like it has the same fiery markings as the legs.

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Zombie and Speckled Poogles

Poogle day comes in a variety of off-green. First in the line-up is Zombie. I will say that it makes good use of a cadaverous gray-green-yellow skin that makes it look undead and the scar on its jaw, leg, and tail and the tattered ears are a nice touch. The clothes are okay--they're nicely tattered and a bit moldy-looking. Unfortunately they also remind me a bit of tattered gym clothes, so I'm not exactly getting the Zombie vibe off of them.

The real problem, for me, is the mouth and eyes. I will give you that they both make the poor Zombie Poogle look quite brain dead, but unfortunately they also make it look more silly than scary. If the mouth were frowning or somehow sewn shut and the eyes both faced in one direction, this pet might have rated more than a 'squeal' on the scare-o-meter.

Speckled is, unfortunately, the typical green and white combo. They even left the dark green stripes on its back and head, which I think is a mistake. If they had gone with even a dark white it might have been more fitting. The white on its feet look very good, but the rest of the body and head seems to be more 'random polkadots' than anything else.

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Chocolate Tonu and Chocolate Draik

As a surprise, Neopets unleashed not one, but two new Chocolate pets.

The Chocolate Tonu looks very nice indeed. The whip cream and sprinkles for the mane and tail tuft work very nicely. The darker drizzle on the back works really well and the splatters it makes actually help it to look prehistoric. The white drizzle symbol on its side is reminiscent of the Chocolate Chomby's but this is not a bad thing--chocolate companies often have a trademark. The use of swirls on the knees are nice too.

Instead of using candy corn, as they have on many other pets with horns or claws, they chose to make the Tonu's toes a darker chocolate and give it a waffle cone horn. This actually works out pretty well.

The Chocolate Draik also looks incredibly nice. The use of waffles for the ears and wings was a good idea. It has a nice, white chocolate belly and what look almost like caramel spikes down its tail. There's a shiny spot on the forward knee that reminds me of shiny chocolate. It has the usual whip cream, sprinkles and cherry on top which, frankly, look a bit silly (especially the cherry with its leaf stem), but I think it does work overall.

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Royal Techos

The Royal Techos pull out all the stops in a very good way. Their clothing looks like something along the lines of Mystery Island with the grass skirts and long, flowing robes. The tribal tattoos are a nice touch as well. The Royal Boy has a nice shade of green as his base while the Royal Girl has a cool cyan colour. There are also a lot of other nice differences between the two: the colour of their cloaks, the fact that the male has more grass along his body while the female has more flowers. The Royal Girl even has a very nice flower above her eye.

The base kilt of the Royal boy is red and has some odd markings on it that almost make it look like Shenkuu. This is not a problem for me, I know that there were some Pacific Islanders who did have writing systems, plus it adds to the mystique. If there are two things I'd complain about they would be the lack of held item for the fist 'o doom and the contrast in art styles between the Techo and the clothes.

The lack of held item is a perennial problem ever since the revamp. Though the random fist o' doom is annoying on all bases, it becomes particularly annoying on those pet colours, like Lost Desert and Royal, where there really ought to be something held.

The Techos did not make out well after the revamp. In fact, I'd go so far to say they've been made far uglier. The bugged out eyes are particularly bad, and there is a huge contrast between the gentle lines of the clothes and the rather thick lines on the Techos. I really wish that TNT had decided to use the old Faerie Techo as a base, because it was very dynamic and pretty, but there's not much to be done.

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Woodland and Snow Draik

Draiks tend to be one of the better pets in terms of overall art, so when new colours for them come out they are likely to please. The two newest colours are no exceptions.

Woodland is always very nice. The grainy texture and subtle shading is always very nice, and in the Draik it works very well, even if they eliminated the belly scales. There's an interesting hole on the tail and another on the leg to give the impression of overall woodsiness. The usual leaves are also there, but they seem somehow less impressive than usual. I think this is due to the fact that they really only cover a bit of the head and so look like just one last branch rather than true foliage. If I were to nit pick I'd say they could have done a better job by adding leaves down the tail too, but that may just be me.

Two Snow pets in a row? Well odder things have happened. Much like its Kyrii counterpart, the Snow Draik has slate gray eyes instead of actual coals, but it does have nice little coal claws and a single leaf on its head that help it to stand out a bit. I think it could have been more interesting if the spade on its tail was also a leaf, but that's a minor niggle.

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