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Archive for October 2010:

Halloween Xweetok

The artist did a really good job with the Halloween Xweetok. The blood-red mane and wingtips are a nice addition for any vampire-themed pet and the cape and Victorian-style outfit compliment the base gray colour very well. In fact, I would not be surprised to see these clothes on other Xweetok bases. The purple gloves are a bit questionable taste-wise, but they're easily enough removed. The fangs, snake-like yellow eyes, and bat-like wings would all help to make this pet look more demonic than vampiric without its clothing if it were not for the undead gray of its fur and the tiny liver spots on its forward-facing ear and above the back eye that lend to the idea of decaying old flesh. If I were to complain I'd say that they ought to have gone a bit easier with the light reflection in the back eye since it makes the pupil look cut in two.

For those that might complain, there is a long history of Halloween pets following a certain theme. Of the fifty-four current types of pets, only six pets are left with no Halloween colour, so it may be a good idea to do a review of the forty-eight types of Halloween pets already out there:
two 'hunchbacks': the Gnorbu and Wocky
two pumpkin-creatures: the Jubjub and Kiko
two mummies: the Ruki and Techo
three wolf-creatures: the Buzz, the Kyrii, and the Lupe
three site-themed creatures: the Moehog (Sloth), Poogle (snow beast), and Yurble (tax beast)
three one-offs the Floatsam ('ghost), Mynci (Grim Reaper), Scorchio (Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde)
four Frankenstein Creatures: the Draik, Kacheek, Skeith, and Tonu
five witches: the Bruce, Chia, Korbat, Lenny, and Peophin
seven skeletons-creatures: the Acara, Bori, Eyrie, Hissi, Kau, Krawk, and Zafara
seven vampires (or vampire-like creatures): the Blumaroo, Chomby, Cybunny, Gelert, Grarrl, Jetsam, and Xweetok
ten devil/demons: the Aisha, Ixi, Koi, Kougra, Meerca, Nimmo, Shoyru, Tuskanniny, Uni, and Usul

Given this list (and barring some niggling about where pets like the Uni and Chomby might best be placed), it becomes obvious that the Neopet artists do love certain themes (particularly devil/demons). It should really come as no surprise, then, that the Xweetok should join one of these groups--in this case the vampires.

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Jelly and Speckled Korbats

The Jelly Korbat is really pretty to look at. The only other Jelly pet that comes close to this shade of dark blue is the Tonu. It's not very translucent, but that oddly does not deter from this pet; I think it's because it has so many nice highlights on its body that it's just plain pleasing to look at.

The Speckled Korbat is a bit disappointing. Whereas many Speckled pets can be argued to have too many of the little white spots, the artist seems to have gone in the opposite direction here, putting hardly any spots on the Korbat at all. I think the yellowish-green feet were an attempt at originality. I think it would have done better with the 'frosted' look on its wing edges.

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Chocolate and Camouflage Jetsams

The Jetsams got two nice colours for their special day. Chocolate has a very nice use of white chocolate belly and muzzle and white drizzle all over. The dark chocolate around the eyes is nice as well. I'm a bit ambivalent about the whip cream and sprinkles. It's sort of okay on the tail, but looks a bit squished on the side towards the dorsal fin on the back. The ones on the dorsal fin on the head look just silly to me. It's not a bad idea, it just seems odd somehow. Maybe if they'd included a cherry? *shrug*

When I first saw Camouflage I was really confused. I first though it might be some altered version of Magma or Fire -- or even some new colour entirely. After looking at it a while I have to admit it's one of the better Camouflages. It looks pretty evil with the golden eyes, blood red mask and dark skin. The grainy patterns make me think of the angel shark while the stripes make me think of the tiger shark. I'm not sure if it's a reference to something else too (like a land shark). In any case it's obvious the artist put some time into thinking this Camouflage pet out.

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Maraquan and Silver Bori

The Maraquan Bori is a nice idea, but the tail without hind legs looks odd to me. I think they could have done better with having it a bit more like a sea turtle or similar. The overall cyan colour works really nicely, but I think they ought to have used green instead of orange for the ears and the tail tips. I understand they're likely supposed to mimic sea weed, but they look more like flames to me. Not bad, I suppose, but not exactly something you'd expect from an underwater pet.

Silver is gray and has a sheen to it in places, but it seems a bit washed-out somehow. There's really not too much to say about this particular colour other than it basically does what it's supposed to do: give a basically silvery pet.

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Desert and Camouflage Eyries

The Desert Eyrie is actually not too bad. In fact, if it weren't for the strange blue beak I'd seriously consider this colour. I might yet just for the clothing. I like the base browns and the cobrall headgear, kilt, and small arm band, but I just can't understand the blue beak colour. I mean of all colours that ought to have a 'warmer' color for the beak, this one would be it.

Camouflage is just ick. It looks like a sort of strange Jell or Snot more than Camouflage. I understand that green can blend in, but the random patterns here and overly bright colors makes me wonder where this Eyrie is supposed to be hiding - the eaten green jelly? I thin if the colour was more brown or other earthy tones it would work, but as it is it just looks bleh.

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Jelly and Relic Grarrls

Jelly really isn't too bad. It actually looks pretty gelatinous, though I would have imagined the leg behind the belly might have been just visible the way the tail is... The dark spot under the muzzle seems a bit random - or, at least, randomly jagged. The dark spot on the leg also has a random circular area where it seems like it's somehow lighter on the side. Otherwise I think it uses light and dark pretty nicely for an overall shiny look.

Relic is okay. There are nice cracks and chips to help add to the weathered appearance. The base stones aren't too bad and would be pretty nifty for Grarrls in general if it could be removed.

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