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Archive for December 2010:

Christmas Krawk

The Christmas Krawk is not too bad. It has a nice, off-white base with white underbelly and pine green mane and spots. The red eyes and red and white outfit help to complete the Christmasy vibes, though I couldn't help but think of how many Pirate pets had similar outfits. This is also probably appropriate, all things considered.

There's not too much else to say about this colour. It makes the Krawk look more like an elf than a Santa, but I think it might have been even cooler if they'd been able to pull off a 'pirate elf' look. Other thoughts and opinions may be made here.

Robot and White Ogrins

I'll start with White since there's the least to say about it. As a basic colourfill it does the job nicely. The mane, ear, and tail tips are all a very light blue and there's almost a bluish tint to the body as well, but this works for White. Having this pet means that only Lutari cannot come in White.

Robot is a real work of art, and looks a good deal like a yellow version of the Guyver. It has nice glowing bits to it, and I like how they worked the tail to look like a futuristic club (you just know lasers are going to shoot from it). The side-ears are missing, but I'm honestly not sure how those would have actually worked out on this pet. I'm hoping someone will get an image of the inside of its casing, since I'm really curious as to what it looks like.

Other thoughts or opinions can be made here.

Transparent and Chocolate Wockies

After a couple months of no new species, Transparent finally has another species under it's belt - the Wocky. Much like the Skeith, the ears of this Neopet seem to be made out of hard bone rather than soft cartilage. I suppose this would make identifying the skulls of the species easier. In any case, much like the Skeith, the colour looks fairly cool. It could be argued that the blocking gray ruff and the furry tail belie a true x-ray but then, it's not the X-ray paintbrush anyway. Plus I imagine the artist was stuck both with the customization mandates as well as the awkwardness of how the neck bones would work out in this relatively neckless pet.

Chocolate is practically a work of art. They seem to have run out of the usual chocolate sprinkles and are now using nice multicolour sprinkles. I'm not sure the tiny cherry on top is really needed, I think it blends in a bit with the sprinkles, but it's still a nice thought. There are cute waffle ears as well as a whip cream ruff, which is entirely appropriate for this pet. The brown body is enlivened by what has got to be one of the best designs since the Chocolate Chomby. It helps that they bothered to lace all around the legs too.

Other thoughts or opinions may be made here.

Desert and Skunk Bruce

The Desert Bruce has a nice tan base that really works for a Desert pet. The scarabug necklace instead of a bowtie and cobrall headdress add a nice touch. The eyeliner is a bit distracting, but I think it's thematically correct, even if I'd never want to apply it personally. The -um- bottom part of the Bruce is probably supposed to be a kilt/skirt, but it could also pass as silken pants or even a diaper. There's just enough of the bottom of the Desert Bruce showing that it is supposed to be something akin to a kilt, but I think neopets might have considered some other form of dress for the bottom. The random flipper-of-doom lacks a holdable item, but i think we've all come to expect that.

The Skunk Bruce looks almost like a real penguin, if you discount the silly shock of white on the tip of its head (and this is easy to cover up). Add in the dusky bow and you have a good base colour for Bruces.

Other thoughts and opinions may be made here.

Royal Xweetoks

TNT can do a really nice job with Royals when they bother to try, and I think the Royal Xeetoks are an example of them trying. To get it out of the way, I'm really irritated that they didn't bother with scepters or something similar for those stupid fists. I always wonder what the point of making such fists is if they're not going to have an accessory appropriate to the colour in question.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, the Royals are both very nice. Royal Boy has a nice base blue that I think works pretty well with the darker red and blues of his clothes. The boots and gloves are a nice touch, and I like the look of the crown. There's nice, subtle gold colour patterns on the clothes that could work for heraldry.

Royal Girl is also very pretty, her base purple is actually an inversion of how the regular purple Xweetok. She also has dark red clothes and dark cyan, but her markings are red instead of yellow, which makes them hard to see against the cyan. The crown is very elegant and even has a little gem hanging down to the center of her forehead.

Overall, I think a pretty good Xweetok day, but other thoughts and opinions may be made here.