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Archive for January 2011:

Woodland and Strawberry Kacheek

Woodland, as usual, has turned out very nicely. There are nice carving marks around the face are very nice, and the grain pattern is gorgeous as usual. I like how they put the leaves on the head and the random sprouts are also interesting. I'm not sure but it might have been nicer if the tail tip had also been covered in leaves.

Strawberry is pretty nice too. The tip on the head is just too adorable not to like. The red might just be a bit too red, but it and the green don't clash too badly, so I think it's okay overall. I do think they might have been better off using a pinkish color for the belly instead of green, though. The seeds are nicely placed though, again, I think they might have benefited from a slightly different shade of red. Overall, not a bad Strawberry.

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Maractite Draik and Lutari

Ever since its introduction, Maractite has been a colour of wonder and beauty. It seems to not be able to miss the mark by much when it comes to "oooh pretty", and it doesn't disappoint here.

The Maractite Drake has a lot of nice, swirly bits that go very well on it. I especially like the markings on the ears and wings, which are lighter than the others and have more of a shiny look to them. There are some more geometric patterns on the chest and belly that I can't quite make out, but which look neat nonetheless.

The Maractite Lutari was quite a surprise, given that the Lutari are usually the last species to receive any new colours outside their special day. I think this pattern could have worked very well with their old forms, but it doesn't work too badly on their new ones. Like the Draik, they have more geometric shapes on their chest and bellies, but that looks pretty neat. The shield-like shape above the heart is especially nice.

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Transparent and Checkered Elephante

Er...this is a filler. It may be altered later.

Transparent looks really interesting, especially with the see-through nose. The skull is somewhat similar to an actual elephant's (though I'm beginning to wonder about Neopet ears). The tail is apparently all fur and no bone (or none visible anyway). It lacks a headband, but I'm not sure how that would look Transparent anyway...

Checkered is pretty nice too. I like the blue for the eye and I think it does a pretty good job with the colour overall. I do wish they'd have included the headband, though!

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Mutant Acara

Unholy mother of Sloth! The Mutant Acara is one wicked-looking pet! In fact I'd go so far as to say it looks less like a mutant and more like a demon, with the face and ears of dark fire, blood-red fur, the crooked horns, and chitin-like leg coverings. This pet practically has 'attitude' written on it. I especially like the way the eyes and mouth seem to glow with inner demonic evil. I can't help but wonder when they will put it at the Rainbow Pool.

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Grey and Gold Buzz

Grey is okay. They made it look weepy and didn't make the spikes some odd shade of grey-pink, at least. Personally, I've never been that interested in Grey as a colour--I think it would have been better had they just made it a colourfill and maybe called this 'emo' or something. There's not too much else to say about this colour. It looks like it's supposed to with a minimum of fuss. I can't help but think that pre-revamp the wings would probably have been drooped or it might have been curled up on itself.

Gold is nice, though I think they made the darker area a bit too dark so that the tail and most of the lower body looks more like dark yellow. The wings and eyes, however, are really very nice and have a good shine to them. In fact the areas hit directly by the light all look appropriately golden. I'm not sure that anything could be done about the darkened areas, but they simply don't look metallic to me.

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Island and Snow Gnorbus

I'll start with the Snow Gnorbu since I have the least to say about it. It is a beautifully textured snow pet that has nice, subtle shades of cyan to emphasize the white. I'm a bit surprised that the mane is not made out of dead leaves, but it might be better this way. The coal eyes are a nice touch and they don't look too creepy. Overall a decent snow pet.

Island is just gorgeous. I love the green mane with orange tropical flowers and the grass skirt goes very nicely with the base body. The body itself is a very nice colour and the Island markings look really cool. it would be interesting to see what they look like under that grass skirt.

The earring and back-leg anklet are nice touches, and the purple eyes also work nicely with it. Overall I think this is one of the best Island pets. It's also the last, completing yet another colour.

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Woodland and Maractite Aishas

Last year the Aishas had come in all possible colours plus the one special colour available only to their species (Alien). Within the last year four new colours were invented: Maractite, Relic, Transparent, and Woodland. I half expect this was for the benefit of Aisha owners.

So this year we have the Woodland and Maractite Aishas. These two are both generally pretty colours. For Woodland there is the usual grain pattern with a couple knotholes in the forelegs and the usual odd branches: one from the tail, one from the chest (which looks a bit odd) and one from the head. I'm glad to see they altered the collar here to be made of wood.

Maractite has the usual mysterious swirls that make it look like it belongs to either Atlantis: the Lost Empire or to Tron. The collar matches nicely and I think it works pretty well together. Unfortunately, in the smaller image in the news it tends to loose a bit, and the lines seem too subtle. Still, in the larger image it looks quite elegant.

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