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Archive for May 2011:

Tyrannian and Camouflage Yurble

I've been trying to figure a good way to start with these two new colours. Tyrannian initially reminded me of Khan Noonien Singh from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I blame this largely on the mishmashed appearance of the Tyrannian Yurble with that crazy greyish-spotted hair and contrasting yellowish body. I do like what they did with the muzzle to make the Yurble look more primitive, but the placement of the tusks is going to bug me to no end (primarily because the one closest looks too far back while the one on the other side should probably not be showing). I'd really have loved to have seen this prerevamp.

Camouflage just doesn't quite work for me. Besides the fact that it has a Maractitish colouring, the patterning is more akin to what they did with the Camouflage Chia than most other Camouflage pets. This isn't a bad thing - I actually like the nice subtle blends that make it look like real camouflage patterns, but I think they might have done better to have the pattern on the mane less subtle (there's also a very, very subtle pattern on the belly that's barely visible unless you zoom in). I think that if they had made a darker pattern for the mane and, perhaps, a white or cream colour for the belly this pet could have been spectacular.

Other thoughts and opinions can be made here.

Maractite and Speckled Koi

A lot of people were calling for the Maractite Koi, and TNT delivered. The body has nice, swirly marks on it, but they;re a little lack luster compared to some Maractite pets. Similarly, it looks like the artist(s) were trying very hard to do something nice with the fins, but the markings are so subtle it's hard to tell what's going on exactly.

Speckled looks very nice, very natural. I particularly like that they decided to use a couple different greens on the body to help the pet look nice. I really think that when they do this sort of white 'frosting' that the speckled pet looks much better than when they simply put white polkadots randomly. Other thoughts and opinions may be made here.

8-bit Grundo

There's something strangely familiar about the 8-bit Grundo, but I can't quite place it. Ah well. It's a nice new addition (or will be when TNT gets around to adding it to the Rainbow Pool). The basic purple colour is very nice and the orange shirt and blue pants work strangely well with it. There are also two red dots and darker purple lines on its feet which may (or may not) be indication of shoes. It's hard to tell. Overall this is a decent new addition to the 8-bit set. Other thoughts and opinions may be made here.

8-bit and Silver Moehog

8-bit looks larger than the other two of the same type. I suspect they couldn't fit it into a smaller format. The beige shirt and green pants are nice, and the basic red colour is okay, but every time I look at it I can't help but think of Pumbaa from The Lion King.

Silver is simply amazing, and if they did all Silver and Gold pets like this I would be severely tempted to own one. Really, I find the gradient texture on this to be very appealing. It's shiny in all the right places. The only thing that might be missing is the truely dark areas that some metals get, which help with the metalness as much as the shiny bits do. Still, an overall decent colour.

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Tyrannian Wocky

TNT decided to give us a new neopet in Tyrannian - the Wocky! This pet has a nice, thick fur and the saber teeth that seem to come with many types of Tyrannians. The colour of the base body is a nice brown, but the ruff and inner ears are strangely purple. It's not a bad shade of purple, but I can't help but think that a dark brown or black for the ruff and pink for the ears would have been better. There's also an odd disconnect with not only the thick eyebrows in the news and the thin ones on the happy form, but between that form and all others.

The clothing is typical Tyrannian and while I like it, I don't have much to say about it. Oth er thoughts and opinions, however, can be made here.

Maractite and Spotted Hissi

The Hissi have two really great colours on their special day this year.

Maractite is pretty nice. There's something a little strange about the eyes, like they're too bright or something. For the rest of the body they made good use of the lighter patterns in a way that makes me think of Tron. The tail ends in in rings that remind me of a rattler's tail, though they ended up doing this much more realistically with Spotted.

Spotted is very nice and natural-looking, and I almost thought it was Camouflage until I remembered they already had that colour. I like that they tried to give it a rattler's tail and that the colours used match the colours on that snake. Any use of the colours to make the pet look natural is good in my books.

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Zombie and Sketch Lupe

The Sketch Lupe looks a bit like a less bumpy version of Snow. To be honest, I've never seen much of a point in Sketch after the revamp since they go out of their way to add shadows to make it look 3-d, which makes no sense for something that's supposed to be a flat drawing. I suppose it's not bad if you like this sort of thing, but I'm not a fan.

Zombie, on the other hand, is very nice and I wouldn't mind getting those torn overalls for a basic lupe body. The glassy, yellow eyes, pale, rotting fur, missing ear bit, and standard scars where it's been stitched back together all add up to a really great addition to the Zombie jamboree.

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