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Archive for September 2011:

Water and Silver Kyrii

As a surprise, the Neopets team released a new colour: Water! And it's a very gorgeous colour at that. The Water Kyrii has a mane in the shape of a wave, with a nice spray coming out of it. It has a very nice blue base too, and the lower portions and tail are also bubbly and watery, making it look as though it's actually composed entirely of water that happens to be in the shape of a Kyrii. The eyes and more solid blue face are the only parts that don't seem quite as liquid as the rest of the body, but it's pretty neat overall.

Silver is a very nice, shiny colour that actually looks like the metal it's supposed to be (as opposed to some Silvers that tend to look more like grayscale or lead). It's shiny in all the right places and it's not too overdone. Overall it's a really great second color.

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