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Archive for February 2012:

Biscuit and Maractite Mynci

Maractite as of this post looks quite angry... but the pet itself looks nice. I would have preferred a more swirly pattern, but the angular lines come off nicely here. The colours are pretty much the same Atlantis: The Lost Empire style as usual, but the Mynci's round body makes the shapes stand out well.

Biscuit on the other hand is a weird one. While I'm glad it's not just sand renamed... the chips and the colour of the fur make the Mynci almost look like it's gone bald and is covered in leeches or festering sores... now you cannot un-see it!

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Maraquan and Eventide Tonu

The newest colour, Eventide, seems to be able to lend itself well to any pet it's applied to, though I have to admit it might have been more interesting had the starry pattern been restricted to the Tonu's ruff instead of also being on the tip of its head. While I understand it's more or less a patterned colourfill, it does look a bit silly being on the tip of the Tonu's head.

Maraquan is another gorgeous colour. The folks at Neopets did an excellent job at changing the Tonu into a worthy sea creature, and would help to make an excellent walrus-themed account for anyone who was interested in owning a Tyrannian and mutant Tuskaninny as well

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Shadow and 8-bit Chia

A strange day for the chia here. The Shadow colour is nice, though predicable, it's nice having a Chia available in black though. I'm sure I could make a joke about the Chia in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe about people losing their pets after going to some haunted house, though that joke seems a bit of a stretch.

8-bit on the other hand is a nice new addition, if a bit weird looking. TNT thankfully went with the front angle shot here, rather than the side angle, making this one more like the Grundo 8-bit than the Chomby. Chia looks a bit like a demented clown who wants to hug you... not sure if that is a good thing, but if you really were hoping for a demented huggy clown colour, this is the closest you'll get for now.

Eventide and Transparent Lenny (Late)

We have two really nice colours here. Transparent shows the inside of the stork/flamingo nicely, though the bones inside of the feathers is a bit strange, it's understandable considering that the lenny uses it's wings as hands and fingers, rather than just for flight. Everything is pretty standard, though it plays off nicely due to the thin nature of the Lenny.

Eventide is quite a beautiful colour. It plays well with the Lenny's shape, with the orange aspect mainly covering the legs, and the black space occupying the crown. The light blue of the beak contrasts well with the black top of it here. The only gripe is the noticeable different colours between the up turned and down turned wings. Though it's possible that the colours of the wings changes depending on their orientation in relation to the body.

All in all, a wonderful day for the Lenny.

Wraith Shoyru and Techo

Wraith is one of those interesting new colours that seems to be very nice regardless of what pet it's used on. The latest two are no exceptions and make excellent additions. The Shoyru's slightly detached wings and the Techo's slightly detached mouth are both excellent touches - especially since the eyes and mouths of Wraith neopets tend to be appropriately creepy.

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Water and Checkered Zafara

Water is one of those new, gorgeous colours that makes it extremely desirable. It's very hard to imagine how this colour could be done in any way short of beautiful.

Checkered is done very well here. It contours well to the body and the lighter sections on the belly are a nice touch. The Zafara's pink nose and blue eyes work pretty well.

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Maraquan and Orange Kacheek

Kacheek day was Though it's nice to see another Maraquan pet, I can't help but think that there are many varieties of goldfish out there and that having a plain orange one on the same day you release an Orange colourfill might be a bit, well, much. Still, the goldfish look does work pretty well for the Kacheek, and I've long been wondering what they'd do for them.

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