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Archive for October 2012:

Wraith and Biscuit Jetsam

Wraith is one of those colours that tends to look good no matter what. It certainly works well for the Jetsam, though I frankly think the curl fin-fists of doom look fairly silly. The curl on the top fin also looks random somehow.

Biscuit has nicely placed chocolate bits, but I think the outer colour is just a bit too sand-like (not that this is an unusual problem in Biscuit pets). More chocolate on the dorsal fins might have been interesting.

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Woodland and Camouflage Bori

Woodland is really very nice. At the smaller size the wood spikes on the back look rocky, but at a larger version they look very nice. Of course, more leaves might also have been nice too - it would really have been interesting to see them do the back plates as a giant bush, for instance. Overall, though, it's a nice job.

Camouflage - ah Camouflage. What in the name of Fyora were they thinking it would blend in with?! Even Faerieland no longer has those colours! It's always a bit disconcerting when they use candy colours for Camouflage, though the heterochromiatic eyes are a nice touch.

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Zombie and Ghost Eyrie

Things are looking a bit more Eyrie on Neopets with the addition of the Zombie and Ghost.

Zombie is a nice colour overall and the Eyrie looks pretty neat. Besides the torn clothing, there are the usual scars, titches and slightly decayed look all work together well. It might have been amusing to see the Eyrie without the ruff due to decay, but it probably wouldn't work with the clothing system well. As it is, the ruff looks more like some dark moss growing on the Eyrie's chest, which is entirely appropriate.

Ghost is very nice. The glow is soft and subtle and the colours work together overall. It is one of the 'smiling ghost' types that look more friendly than spooky or unhappy. With its addition, every pet may now be painted Ghost - huzzah!

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Stealthy and Eventide Grarrl

It looks like TNT decided to give us ninjas with the new stealthy look. I think it looks good overall, though I can't help but wonder if it has the same grin under that mask. The eyes are interesting as well, with a blank appearance that, I assume, is supposed to keep them looking mysterious.

Eventide is the usual. The star pattern might have been better if it had been lower. There's too little of it on the top and some of them end up looking like freckles as a result. Otherwise, it's a fairly decent addition.

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