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Archive for March 2014:

Maractite and Camouflage Chomy

Maractite has the usual loveliness of swirling patterns, though not the same shininess that might be expected with metal. Camouflage is knocked right out of the park with the shading and subtle markings.

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8-bit and Pastel Scorchios

Purple seems to be the order of the day for the two newest Scorchio colours with 8-bit being a darker version and Pastel being lighter. I'm not sure the greenish colouration for Pastel is much of a help either, though it does make me think of an Easter egg.

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Chocolate and Jelly Gelert

A little late, but I was distracted by how delicious the two looked. Then I remembered it would be in bad form to eat a pet.

Anyway, the white decorations look very nice, and the back drizzle of chocolate works nicely too. The ears look a little odd holding those cherries and whipped cream (they might have done better to put the stuff on their heads or noses), but overall the chocolate looks as it should.

Jelly is a currant of some sort (it's far too opaque to be regular jelly), possibly jelly or blackberry - though you never know in Neopia! It's shiny enough, I guess, but I do miss more transparent types of jellies.

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