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Archive for May 2014:

Maraquan and Silver Yurble

I'm going to start with Silver because there's really not too much to say about it. I mean it's very pretty, nicely gradated, and is shiny. Unfortunately, it could also pass for steel or iron just as easily.

Maraquan is really gorgeous. They did an excellent job with all the little marks on the body and the mane is a really great colour. The all-black eyes are a bold touch and work well here. My only issue is that the one arm looks much too short and round to really be matched well with the other, but overall I really like it.

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Desert and Glowing Koi

Desert has an interesting...toga? It seems to be mostly brown and golden, which is pretty and I guess sandy, but I'm not sure it quite fits in with other Desert pets. Then again, this is a a desert...

Glowing looks very pretty overall, and I like how shiny it is on its various parts. The glow overall is nice and diffuse.

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Wraith and Pastel Moehog

Wraith has the usual interesting combo of purple and black. The mane on its head is pretty interesting, looking almost like a pompadour. The nearest tusk is almost lost in the black mass except for its tip and its tail is a bit different, but overall its a good colour.

Pastel is very pretty. It has a nice combination of colours that gives it a sort of rainbow look. I think it might have been a bit better if they had given the irises a slightly darker colour, but overall it's not bad.

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Sponge and Split Hissi

Sponge is an interesting blue colour. They did a good job trying to portray the holes and give them a bit of depth. For Split, they went out of their way to have alternate pupil and iris colours, but they didn't bother to alternate the spots, which seems like a weird oversight.

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Strawberry and Pastel Lupe

Strawberry isn't too bad, but I really wished they'd used a darker colour green with that red. I think leaf ears and a lighter pink chest and muzzle would have been much better - though the overuse of green is unfortunately typical for this colour.

Pastel looks like a washed out orange and it has an odd sort of greenish light cast on it that goes with its eyes and ears. I really wish they could do something a bit better with this colour overall.

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