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Archive for July 2014:

Tyrannian and Gold Ruki

The Tyrannian Ruki is one of those concepts that went horribly awry in execution. The brown colour is a bit darker and less saturated than regular Brown, but it doesn't really stand out. It's nice that they showed the 'toes' here - something that only happened with mutant - but it makes me wonder why Ruki feet are so smooth in other forms. The segmented ears and bit of markings on the face are nice details. The fur is a nice concept, but they don't go far enough with it. Alternatively, they should have considered something more chitinous, possibly using black and red or gold. The fangs are more spider-like than ant-like, which I think is a mistake. I'm also confused by the horn on the nose.

Gold is nicely shaded and coloured. The darker areas are a nice touch.

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Relic and Pastel Peophin

Relic is a gorgeous piece of work. The use of the various ferns for the mane works extremely well, and I like all the little, subtle details worked into the stone, such as the crack marks and missing pieces, as well as the moss and shading.

Pastel is a nice shade of yellow. I think the lime green works, and the pinkish gem on the faceplate works extremely well. It stands out, but it doesn't clash.

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Transparent and Silver Kiko

The mouth line of the Kiko and its actual teeth do not quite line up in Transparent, making it look a bit odd. This is an unfortunate pet for this particular colour, as there really isn't all that much to a Kiko. They do the best they can with the arms and hands, and even a bit of the interior, but there's not much to see. I'm also not sure why there are still lines around the hands.

Silver is very pretty. I think the 'glove' look to the hand works very well. It's nicely gradated and shaded. Other thoughts and opinions can be made here.

Woodland and Disco Tuskanniny

Woodland is a very clever use of flowers and leaves. I particularly like how they used the leaves for the tail with a nice vine wrap-around. The flowers and leaves on the head add a nice touch of colour. The gash in the arm is a nice reminder that this is a wooden pet, and there's also some lovely shading going on.

Disco, for lack of better word, is groovy. I really like the bright orangy base even if the yellow paisley prints do not stand out as well as they could in some places. There also seems to be a very light yellow print in places that doesn't make a lot of sense - something in blue might have worked out better. Overall, though, it's a very solid colour.

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Custard and Eventide Ixi

Custard is...melty? It's really hard to say much nice about a colour that looks like cream-coloured snot. Eventide is pretty gorgeous, the fiery hooves are very nice, though I could wish that the belly was a different colour. Similarly, I could also wish the tail tip were a different colour too, perhaps white or light blue. The head is nice and starry, though, and the cloudy middle is also neat.

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8-bit and Strawberrry Flotsam

The 8-bit looks appropriately pixilated. The base colour and red and...grey?... shirt(?) along with the odd pants remind me of Pirate without the eye patch. (Maybe they put it on the other side?)

Strawberry has some gorgeous shading going on, and if the light patch initially looks odd, following the curves of the flotsam reveals that it's actually fairly accurate in terms of how the body works. At first the tip that replaces the usual horn looks silly, but there's really no other place for it to go other than where the dorsal fin is, and that would probably be even sillier.

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