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Archive for August 2014:

Wraith and Eventide Kyrii

Wraith is pretty interesting in a glowing evil inkblot sort of way. It certainly fits in with the other wraith pets and could look particularly menacing in the right clothing.

Eventide is very well done. Usually it is but sometimes TNT misses the mark. Here I'm glad that they managed to get the stars on the mane and tail where they look appropriate. I find the cloudy, starry ear to be very amusing.

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Chocolate and Strawberry Grundo

TNT must have been feeling hungry again this week. It's not often two food-related colours are released at the same time.

Chocolate is quite gorgeous. From the waffle antennae with chocolate drizzle to the whip cream with cherry, to the design on the belly, this manages to be one of the better chocolate pets. I'm a little surprised they didn't use candy corn for the toes, but that probably would have been a bit over the top.

Strawberry is pretty okay. The leaf on the head makes sense, but I wish the antennae had been leafy too instead of just green. I also wish that the eyes had been a different colour than just red. It makes them blend in with the body too much. I also don't see why they couldn't have given their toes are painted green...

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Stealthy and Biscuit Meerca

Stealthy is very nicely done with its blacks, dark blues and little glowing specks for eyes. Somehow this makes them seem even rounder, though...

The Biscuit one is one of those that look like sand due to lack of chocolate chips. This is a shame because their tails really lend themselves well to that.

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Zombie and Pastel Blumaroo

Zombie has the usual ghoulish grey skin, dead eyes, and odd liver spots. The shirt is nicely torn with an interestingly suggestive stain on the top.
Pastel is... a faded version of blue. It's certainly pastel, but I think they could have done better.

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