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Archive for September 2014:

Desert and Eventide Skeith

Desert is very nicely detailed, with a good handheld item and a lovely bunch of clothing. However, that red nose looks pretty stupid.

Eventide is pretty nice overall. The clouds on the chest almost look like chest hair, though. The stars at the top make me wonder what would happen if all Starry pets could have that over their entire bodies.

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Dimensional and Wraith Poogle

Two of the more glowing colours (that aren't actually Glowing), Wraith looks delightfully evil. Dimensional is a bit odd, or at least its eyes are. They look like spot lights or headlights. I suppose that's technically a good thing but it just bugs me for some reason.

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Maractite and Biscuit Techo

Maractite has some interesting patterns on its body, though the marks around its tail make it look as though it could be taken off! I appreciate that they decided to go with a smoother-looking chest rather than one with runes on it. Too many maractite pets have messy runes on their chests that make them look busy.

Biscuit is pretty much par for the course. It has chocolate on it, which is actually a fairly common feature (there are actually only six pets with no bits of chocolate). The bits on its tail look like an attempt at spikes while those on its nose look a bit like warts. Not bad, I suppose, but not overly impressive either.

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Transparent and Pastel Draik

The transparent draik is pretty interesting. Like most transparent pets, it provides an interesting insight into pet anatomy. In this case, it seems that the draik's wings have no bones in them! I'm honestly not sure how that's supposed to work out. Maybe they're made of cartilage bones instead? Cartilage seems to show up as blank grey...

Pastel is a very interesting colour. The pastel cyan and lavender work very well together and keep it unique from other colours. Over all I think it's one of the more successful pastels.

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