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Archive for October 2014:

Stealthy and Camouflage Korbat

Stealthy is pretty gorgeous, though I have to wonder about their base colour choice. Don't get me wrong, the knight outfit is delightfully detailed, but I have to wonder why they chose to go with white and gold when all the other Stealthy pets are in muted colours that would actually lend themselves to blending into shadows. Is it supposed to match fogs or cloud or even Kreludor? Is it supposed to look like a ghost?

Camouflage confuses me. There is an insane amount of details involved, but the overall effect makes it look wooly to me. I'm not sure why its chest and belly have such a clear separation of light and dark when the rest of it masterfully blends things in together.

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Woodland and Strawberry Eyrie

Woodland looks completely gorgeous. Not only does it have lovely texturing and shading, it also has a a ton of intricate flowers and vines as well as the neat little holes in its leg and toe. The use of flowers, leaves and vines on wooden wing backs looks neat, particularly since they seem to have some intricate little twigs. I particularly like the central flower - it draws the eye to the chest.

Strawberry tries really hard to look different, but the mane looks more like a piece of green armor than leaves. I'm also not sure that having the beak being the same colour as the mane was a good idea. At the very least they could have made it a lighter shade of green or, better yet, tipped with white and leading to pink. I also think the feathers on the wings are supposed to be leaves, but I'm not sure they accomplish that well.

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Wraith and Pastel Grarrl

The Wraith Grarrl looks spooky and appropriately nasty. The various curves work pretty well and the face is very nicely done. It looks like a skull, which is a great look for this pet. The only possible problem is that the purple glow looks a bit thick in places, particularly around the head, neck and tail tip.

Pastel is a nice shade of blue. The light green eyes work very well with it over all.

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