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Archive for December 2014:

Christmas Vandagyre

When TNT does something well, they tend to do it very well. In this case, the Christmas Vadagyre is one of the more gorgeous Christmas pets. They made really excellent decisions in the choice of colours for the clothing and the base. It's going to be interesting to see how they do a White Vandagyre in the future. I like the details on the yellow and green vest, and the ornamental staff is a very nice touch.

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Water and Dimensional Ogrin

The Water Ogrin is very nice. They did an excellent job using the waves as part of the mane, ears, tail, and neck ruff. The sea-green eyes are very pretty and the overall shades on the body work nicely. If there is any issue it's that you can't really make out the stripes, but even that's not too bad.

The Dimensional Ogrin is very...magenta? It fits in with other dimensional pets, but you an only just barely see the lighter pink motes on its body which, I suppose, would give it a sparkly appearance.

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Swamp Gas and Split Wocky

Swamp Gas is fairly standard. It's nicely shaded and the, um, gassier bits are well-drawn-out. It's not really one of my favorite colours, but it's done pretty well overall. Split is also pretty par for the course. I think the inner ears ought to have been switched as well. I can't help but wonder if the nose was left pink on purpose or if they simply forgot to make it split too.

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Maractite and Eventide Bruce

Maractite has the usual Atlantis: The Lost Empire vibe to it. It's very nice and the patterns look cool, but it's not very shiny for something that's supposed to be made out of a metal. On the other hand, the bow is nicely decorated and I'm sure removing it will show off the pattern on its belly and chest better.

Eventide looks like a glass ornament. I think it's because of the way the shine falls on its belly and feet. This isn't a bad thing, though, it looks really gorgeous and the artists finally seem to have a good grip on how to make that colour work with the contours of the pet so that it's not simply a gradient. The bow is particularly gorgeous. The head is very nice, though I wish they could have made the beak a lighter colour. Still, overall it's a good job.

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