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Archive for January 2015:

Stealthy and Camouflage Kacheek

As per most other Stealthy types, the Kacheek is in lovely darker shades. The pointy tip on the tail is a nice touch. The Camouflage Kacheek looks a bit like a tabby cat to me. I like the lighter face and belly, but I'm not sure about the darker marks and stripes. It might have looked better if they covered all the brown instead of leaving the open spots on the head.

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Water and Sketch Elephante

I'll start off with Sketch. I much preferred it pre-revamp when it was a flat image. It's a nice guide to how to draw an Elephante, I suppose, but it's not all that impressive.

Water, on the other hand, is gorgeous. There are lots of beautiful details like the slight colour change around the chin and ear edges. The wavy wings and tail as well as the watery trunk and headdress are nice touches. I like that you can see bits of the body through the water, but I'm a bit annoyed they didn't do so with the smile under the trunk, though they did it with the chin.

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Stealthy and Eventide Buzz

The Stealthy Buzz is very interesting. The red cloth is not as dark as that worn by the Shoyru, but it looks very nice. The detailing on the silver headband is lovely and it's nice they used darker wings to match the body. The wrinkles in the outfit are a nice detail. Overall, it's a very well-done colour.

The Eventide Buzz is gorgeous. It's obvious they put a lot of time into placing the stars and other aspects on the body, since the belly and muzzle bottom have sunset colours. The wings are particularly nice and I love the swirls they used here. This is another gorgeous addition to the eventide set, though it makes me wish they'd consider redoing some of the earlier ones which are not quite as well-done.

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Swamp Gas and Biscuit Gnorbu

Swamp Gas is green It has nice gradient shading but it's not one of those colours that's ever managed to impress me. Biscuit is nice. It's good to see them using chocolate chips as well as little shaded holes just like a cookie would have. The mane is a bit hair-like (It could easily be more stylistic to be a bit flatter. The chocolate tips for the hooves are also cute, though I think the muzzle should have been made lighter than it is, maybe even given a frosted look.

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Wraith and Pastel Aisha

Wraith is nicely evil-looking and I like the swirly tips on the tail and eartennae. Pastel is okay, but is not particularly impressive one way or another.

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