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Archive for April 2015:

Sponge Cybunny

It's certainly very pink...the holes are done pretty well?

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Transparent and Water Kougra

The Transparent Kougra is very nicely done. It looks quite natural for its interior, and I like the fact that they used a lighter version of transparency than usual (since many 'transparent' pets more look like they are greyish). I'm particularly happy that the ears don't have any tiny bones in them.

Water looks simply gorgeous. I love the little highlights on the water, especially near the base and tail tip. There's none of the "splashing" effect but I really don't think that there are many places that could have worked on this particular pet except, maybe, where the headfur is. It's also nicely transluctant in the legs, which helps with the overall watery effect.

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Dimensional and Wraith Lutari

Two colours that are not dissimilar. However, while the Dimensional Lutari is a lighter side, the Wraith is the darker side. Still, the Dimensional is pretty nice overall, and I like the subtle lighter spots on it. Wraith has some unusual shadows on it, and the face is more cheerful than menacing, but the swirls and edges work overall.

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Woodland and Sketch Krawk

The Woodland Krawk has a basically nice pattern of wood on its body. It's a little hard to make out if the spots are supposed to be darker bits of wood or holes, though I think it would have been near if they had made the knees into knotholes. The leaves are okay but look a bit like a tossed salad.

Sketch is appropriately sketchy.

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Polka Dot Tonu

The Polka Dot Tonu is very nicely coloured. The red mane and tail help make it look very circusy. I'm not a fan of the off-coloured feet, especially since one side looks like the horn, and the body looks a bit busy in places (and, oddly, reminds me of the old Wonder Bread labels), but overall I think it's a good job.

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Elderly Shoryu

The Elderly Girl Shoryu is at the Rainbow Pool, though her male counterpart is still missing. Her skin is an appropriately greyish colour with some darker blotches and wrinkles. She seems to have a bit of a double-chin. The messy brown wig, flowery dress, and sensible shoes are all very well done. I'm a little surprised they didn't also give her a pearl necklace.

The Elderly Boy has finally been added. He has a cool bowler hat with grey hair attached and a very nice vest. pants, and shoes. His base colour is the same as the Elderly Girl's but his eye has a blue light spot in it.

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