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Archive for July 2015:

Dimensional and Transparent Peophin

Dimensional is okay. It's much more subtle than most of them, but there's nothing innately wrong with that. I think the blue makes sense for a pet that's mostly supposed to be underwater.

Transparent very bad. Not only does it not fit any sort of anatomy in other than the heart and some intestines, but the bones look just really wrong. It's overall just sad and pathetic.

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*The Transparent Peophin underwent a dramatic change since it was added to the Rainbow Pool and now looks completely gorgeous. The inner area looks really, really good, though some of it looks suspiciously similar to one of the fan-made ones.

Woodland and Eventide Kiko

I like that they added a lily pad to the top of the Woodland Kiko's head - it shows that they put some thought into what this usually aquatic species might have. I'm a little surprised that it's not more seaweedy, but it looks pretty nice overall.

Eventide is pretty nice. The clouds around the mouth are a little disconcerting and I'm surprised they didn't make the left hand match the right, but it's okay for this colour.

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Transparent and Wraith Ixi

The Transparent Ixi is very cool. Everything seems to work anatomically and if you can ignore the cheesy grin, the skull sort of looks like one of those Guy Fawkes masks from V for Vendetta. Wraith is nicely creepy, though I'm not sure what, exactly, they were going for with that tail. The lack of nose is, I suppose, appropriate, but it looks slightly off somehow.

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Swamp Gas and Water Flotsam

Swamp Gas looks fairly typical for the colour, though the body seems a bit more solid than usual. Water looks very nice, almost as though you're viewing a blue Flotsam through water. Without larger images its hard to make out details.

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